Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Axios Italia

From Remote Digital and Graphometric Signatures to the Cloud for a Digital School: Aruba Enterprise's dematerialization solutions for Axios Italia.

The Company

For over 30 years, Axios Italia has been developing management software for school administration, committed to all aspects of producing the programs used in the Digital School, improving the graphical interface and usability, adapting them to current regulations, using advanced technologies and customizing them to customer requirements.

Axios Italia's role is to provide products that are easy to use and, more importantly, to offer training and support for IT and administrative processes for school offices through the software that it develops.


School administration is undergoing a period of revolution as public authorities are obliged to adopt and respect new compliance requirements aimed at increasing their commitment to transparency and dematerialization. This has resulted in transformation within both schools and software houses that – like Axios Italia - guide them in the processes of change and digitization. More specifically, improvement was needed to dematerialize flows and processes that required hard copy signatures, both for regulatory compliance and to adopt the Cloud on the principle of Cloud first.

The Solution

The process of digitizing schools saw Axios Italia adopting various enterprise solutions, from the Cloud to Remote Digital and Graphometric Signature solutions in order to optimize and streamline specific processes that take place every day in school offices.

To move forward in the digital transformation process, Axios Italia turned to Aruba Enterprise, who designed and developed customized IT projects based on the specific needs of Axios Italia.

The Benefits

Having expertise and IT solutions permanently on-hand represents a marked improvement compared to a traditional customer approach: tailor-made designs for Cloud and Trust Services solutions have provided an exclusive answer to the problem of guaranteeing maximum data security for all users of Axios Italia’s software and products, namely schools, teachers, parents and students.

"L'Technological evolution forces us to choose IT solutions that can keep up with the times. Aruba Enterprise has always been at our side, proving itself to be an excellent partner going far beyond the classic client-supplier relationship." Daniele De Vita, IT Manager Axios Italia
"E’ It is clear that, after more than 50 years, document flows have been significantly impacted, just as have school secretaries, as well as teachers, students and even parents: emails are no longer printed out, no more hard copy classroom and teacher records, reports and information sent digitally via the Internet, digital signatures...". Stefano Rocchi, CEO Axios Italia

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