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Aruba Enterprise for the veneto region

Digital Living Wills with a Graphometric Signature.

the organizations involved

The project dedicated to digitizing signatures for living wills forms part of the Veneto 2020 Digital Agenda’s broader plan for the digital transformation of administrative processes. More specifically, the Veneto Region aims to provide all the region’s authorities with the necessary tools to guarantee digital rights for all citizens.


The Veneto Region was looking for a solution to digitalize the presentation of a living will with a regulation-compliant system that was accessible and straightforward for all citizens, and available at the municipal registry offices.

The solution

The solution introduced involves providing a graphometric tablet connected to a desktop and a stand-alone application to collect graphometric vectors in the municipal office where the DAT (Dichiarazione Anticipata di Trattamento or advance directive) is presented.

Here, in the presence of an operator, the citizen who has signed the document, adds his/her signature using the graphometric tablet. The result is a legally valid, complete and unmodifiable document.

In short, the solution offers the client:


The ability to identify the signatory.


The unique connection between signature data and the signatory.


The signatory's exclusive control over the signature generation system.


The possibility of verifying that the document has not been edited after it was signed.

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