Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Nexive

Flexibility, security and environmental sustainability thanks to the Cloud.

The company

The leading private operator in the national postal market, with its head office in Milan, Nexive was founded in 1998 as TNT Post following successive takeovers of private delivery agencies and other production and service companies in the sector.

Today the company reaches almost every family in Italy handling over 400 million envelopes every year and reaches 100% of families via its parcel distribution network.


In 2017, the company began to realize that it needed to keep up with the latest developments, which were no longer compatible with the physical infrastructure then in use, in particular economically and in terms of regulatory compliance and flexibility.

The solution

The solution put forward is fully customized to the company's needs and has been achieved by combining our Dedicated Cloud with a suitable Disaster Recovery plan.

“The central focus on customers and how they are managed prompted Nexive to transform its Data Center at the beginning of 2017” Davide Albanese, IT Manager, Nexive

By implementing the solution, Nexive took a significant leap forward in terms of digitalizing processes, switching from an on-premises approach to the Cloud.

The project

This project forms part of a major corporate strategy plan for technological innovation in Nexive, which has a scheduled investment totaling 3.5 million Euros over 5 years.

A number of goals have been reached through collaborating with Aruba Enterprise in terms of improving performance and optimizing costs and energy efficiency.

“Today, Nexive's technological core is based on a 100% virtual Infrastructure as a Service, implemented at two Data Centers, the primary one in Ponte San Pietro and the secondary one, for Disaster Recovery, in Arezzo.”

Davide Albanese, IT Manager, Nexive

Future developments

The project stems from Nexive's clear desire to enhance its ability to respond quickly to the emerging needs of the market and its customers. In light of this, the goal for the future is to continue to evolve its services by making the most of the opportunities technology has to offer.

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