Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: Sustainable Technology

So-called “sustainable technology” is a top priority for many CEOs, with half of all of CIOs forecast to have performance metrics linked to the sustainability of their IT organizations, by 2025.

The Gartner® “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: Sustainable Technology” Report outlines a scenario for the future and highlights opportunities and recommendations for Digital Leaders entrusted with promoting ESG goals throughout the company.

Sustainability-focused IT involves finding an equilibrium between achieving improved performance without compromising sustainability targets. Once again, CEOs and CIOs are required to bring about a change of pace, balancing the tightrope between performance and environmental concerns.

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Gartner ® - Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2023: Sustainable Technology - Autumn Stanish, Arun Batchu, Kristin Moyer, 17 October 2022

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