It solutions for the banking and insurance sector

We support companies in the finance and insurance sector by providing secure tools to keep up with technological and regulatory developments.

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QTSP - OBE Directory

PSD2 Compliance

Qualified Trust Service Provider in the OBE Directory with our CA Actalis and Aruba PEC for the supply of QWAC and QSEALs services.

Meet market and customer requirements thanks to it systems and digitalization

Financial markets are evolving rapidly, supported by increasingly complex digital technologies. Offering innovative services is among the first expectations of bank and insurance customers and is a basis for comparison with competitors. Knowledge of regulatory aspects is a daily challenge that needs to be addressed well in advance and requires robust and concrete solutions.

Thanks to Actalis' experience, we currently already serve many cutting edge industries, with comprehensive software solutions and secure and consolidated infrastructure.

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Bank of Italy and major credit institutions use our services
Banca d

Bank of Italy and major credit institutions use our services

We accompany the Italian Central Bank on its path to digital transformation with certified email, Certification Authority (PKI) and digital signature services. Other major national and international banks have chosen us for qualified remote signature and timestamping trust services.

Together with Nexi S.p.A., Certification Authority objective

Together with Nexi S.p.A., Certification Authority objective

Transaction security is the cornerstone of the modern banking system. Nexi S.p.A., the “champion of digital payments in Italy", has chosen us as a partner on its journey towards being a Certification Authority.

Our solutions for credit institutions and insurance

Paperless authorization processes with full legal effect thanks to the signature solutions

Software solutions for digital transformation, compatible with all major IT and management systems, for streamlined process management. Savings in costs and time taken for procedures, in 100% paperless mode.

Modernize infrastructure by lowering TCO with hybrid cloud

Possibility of integrating hardware and virtualized corporate IT resources, both through outsourcing and on premises. Our specialist solution architects are on hand to design and implement the ideal infrastructure for progressive technological evolution.

Full control of transactions and regulations with HPC solutions

We provide infrastructure capable of hosting High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions, thanks to a network of data centers located throughout Italy and Europe. Hardware management is monitored 24/7 by our specialist staff.

PSD2-compliant electronic payments with strong authentication systems

We provide multi-factor strong authentication tools that can be easily integrated into your business systems. In addition to the classic password, we offer the option to choose from binary code solutions (one-time password) to identify each individual financial transaction in a simple, usable and PSD2-compliant manner.

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