aruba managed
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powered by Red Hat OpenShift

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A platform designed for implementing and deploying cloud native applications

Aruba Managed Hybrid Cloud powered by Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform designed for a hybrid cloud, open-source strategy in a secure, fully managed environment provided by Aruba Enterprise.

A ready-to-use application platform with runtime, developer tools, CI/CD and integrated monitoring, for implementing and running cloud native applications and managing hybrid cloud, multicloud and edge deployment with ease.

Strategical assets

Hardware and software infrastructure

Infrastructure equipped with server, switch and enterprise level storage, as well as an enterprise grade hypervisor for a virtualized model, ideal for using an enterprise level container-based platform on a virtual infrastructure.

Red hat openshift

Comes with all the modules required for the platform, allowing you to implement a Kubernetes cluster on a Red Hat Enterprise platform.

Aruba enterprise managed services

The path to modernizing applications is supported by a team of experts available 24/7, capable of guaranteeing customers the reliability and performance of a market leading, application containerization platform.

A fully managed experience

Aruba Managed Hybrid Cloud, powered by Red Hat OpenShift, offers a fully managed experience, integrated and monitored by Aruba Enterprise and jointly supported with Red Hat, so users don’t need to worry about:

  • HW infrastructure
  • Installing and configuring the OpenShift platform
  • Managing the Life Cycle of the OpenShift platform
  • Data protection, backup, disaster recovery, high reliability and security.

Starting from engineered solutions and consolidated reference architecture, Aruba Enterprise experts are available to pinpoint the deployment and sizing of the service, based on the individual needs of each customer.

Choose between predefined bundles, or consultancy services and customized design for a tailor-made solution. Aruba acts as a single point of contact for the OpenShift service, providing a simple, well-structured experience managed entirely by a certified team of experts.

aruba managed hybrid cloud powered by red hat openshift: features and benefits

fast and efficient

The creation and distribution of workloads is managed in real time, within a latest generation technology infrastructure based on enterprise grade hardware, to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

reliable and secure

Failure-resilient thanks to a high availability cluster, redundant network and enterprise storage, the infrastructure uses Red Hat technology and security modules.

scalable and flexible

Flexible methods mean that the resources available to applications can be increased and decreased, optimizing the platform’s efficiency with a view to maximize return on investments.

fully managed

Aruba Enterprise managed services offer customers a comprehensive technological stack: HW, virtualization layer, OpenShift cluster and backup.

cloud native

Develop applications in DevSecOps mode with an approach based on microservices.


Using a platform based on open-source products makes it possible to migrate workloads anywhere and anytime, both onto an on-premises infrastructure or to other public clouds.

colaboration based on cloud infrastrucure and open- source applications

Market leaders in solution planning, cloud infrastructures and in the development of open-source applications, Aruba Enterprise and Red Hat have joined forces to offer businesses a comprehensive package including data center, cloud infrastructure, managed solutions and software platform.

While Aruba Enterprise has become one of the leading cloud providers, thanks to its cloud technological infrastructures and managed solutions, in-depth integration with Red Hat’s Kubernetes platform-based solutions enable it to provide additional innovative solutions, effectively implementing a cloud native approach which is open, flexible, hybrid/private and multi-cloud, fully managed and fully compliant with European regulations.

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