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We offer a wide range of products to help you manage your digital identity practically and securely, both in the public and private sector.

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QTSP - OBE Directory

PSD2 Compliance

We are a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) in the OBE Directory with our CA Actalis and Aruba PEC provision for the supply of QWAC and QSEALc services.

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Being able to effectively manage authentication processes is essential for digital transformation. Our broad range of technologies and products help companies and public organizations achieve this.

We are the first identity provider to offer level three credentials within the SPID service. In addition, our Certification Authorities issue SSL Server certificates to guarantee security for online services.

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SPID: Using authentication credentials to access online services

SPID (Public Digital Identity System) is an online authentication system that allows citizens and businesses to create a unique digital identity to access public and private online services according to three different levels of security: level one (L1) username and password; level two (L2) username, password and temporary OTP code; level three (L3) digital certificate.
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SSL server certificates: Encrypted data exchange to guarantee security for online services

To provide online services such as electronic home banking, the authenticity of the online service and the security of the associated communications must be guaranteed. The SSL server certificate enables the SSL/TSL protocol on websites or other exposed network services in accordance with the Baseline Requirements defined by the CAB Forum (

De Visu Online: Identification via video

We implement remote identification systems within a company's processes, using a webcam (both from a desktop PC or a smartphone) to verify the digital identity of a specific user using an audio/video recording. Our De Visu Online platform is a useful technological solution for banks, insurance companies and all businesses that need to identify their users securely and with certainty, while operating completely remotely.

Strong Authentication: Dynamic linking for every transaction in accordance with PSD2

Our technology ensures multi-factor authentication, which is a requirement of PSD2. Alongside dynamic OTP codes, we enable users to clearly identify access to services in accordance with the EBA’s technical rules. Aruba SMS, Aruba Call, OTP Hardware, OTP Mobile, and OTP USB are some of the tools used to access online services, both public and private.
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More than 50 million health cards issued

More than 50 million health cards issued

We produce CNS health cards used by all Italian citizens. For multiple, including Tuscany and Sardinia, we also manage the card activation process.

We deploy modern technologies to counter evolving authentication challenges and improve multi-factor safety options in order to provide secure data center hosting services.

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