Our e-billing for enterprises is fully compliant with all relevant regulations and integrates easily with the most complex corporate systems.

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simplifying billing cycles for large companies

Our e-billing product is designed for large businesses and can be integrated with professional, operational and ERP applications, as well as other services, to provide customised, multi-level solutions.

Working directly with the customer allows us to meet the needs of organizations that require efficient and integrated systems, such as holding companies, software houses, system integrators, consortia and other complex organisations.

e-billing product features


Designed for companies that need to manage an e-billing system with multiple VAT numbers. From just one dashboard, customers can configure multiple assignors/assignees. This is a useful feature when it comes to managing e-billing for multiple companies in the same group or multiple customers, as users can choose which assignor to work with at different times.


The ability to configure additional users and assign them specific tasks and permission levels offers great flexibility in managing billing processes. Each user has their own username and password, so they can work independently, according to their permissions.

Delegated users

Easily link different e-billing accounts. Assign different permissions to delegated users, so electronic invoices can be sent and received via the web service or web application, on behalf of different connected VAT numbers.

Web services

The ability to access our e-billing solution via a web service, as well as a convenient web application, makes it is easy to enjoy the benefits of automation, both for sending invoices and financial messages and for recording documents.

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