De Visu Online

Our comprehensive, multi-platform solution makes it possible to identify a person from any device via video conferencing.

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Efficiency, security and accessibility thanks to remote identification

De Visu Online (DVO) is a platform suitable for use in any context where the identification of an individual is required for regulatory or procedural purposes. DVO technology eliminates the need for presence of both user to identify and identification operator, using a live session via webcam.

Its applications are wide-ranging, from providing qualified trust services to activating banking and insurance services, and the extensive scope for customization makes it possible to design tailor-made remote identification processes.
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Online identity verification via video

One of the goals of digital transformation is to make the process involved in delivering a product or...

With De Visu Online the user and operator can be anywhere in the world

De Visu Online identification involves a live session via webcam during which an identification operator carries out all the steps required to identify the client who requested the service and verify the authenticity of the request.
The operator can: record the session, share documents and request their consent or review, send a personalized text or email message with an OTP code.
The client can access the live session via webcam from any device.

The features of our De Visu Online product for Enterprise

The De Visu Online platform has been created to provide the best user experience both for the user and the operator. It is designed to be integrated with third-party software and with other Aruba Enterprise solutions, including compliant digital storage and Aruba CMS, a portal for registering users and issuing Digital Signature certificates.

Providing trust services

Positive user identification is a critical prerequisite for issuing certificates for solutions such as Digital Signatures and SPID.
The use of De Visu Online simplifies the processes involved in issuing certificates for using the solutions and, at the same time, thanks to integration with Aruba CMS (Certificate Management System), guarantees a streamlined user experience with an identification and issuing process that is fast, compliant and highly efficient.

Custom processes

Whatever the purposes of the remote identification, Aruba Enterprise also offers its team of identification operators, in addition to the platform itself. This means that the platform can be used on a fully outsourced basis, with Aruba Enterprise identification operators providing experience, as well as the De Visu Online solution, for a customized, enterprise-level service.

Platform for custom processes

The perfect option for businesses that already carry out identification processes and who can therefore take advantage of having in-house operators who are already trained. De Visu Online helps to speed up the identification processes, at the same time as maintaining security and compliance.
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