Solutions for dematerialising processes

We offer companies software solutions to streamline and optimize processes through dematerialization and to handle the transition successfully.

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Lean organization relies on dematerializing processes

Dematerializing processes is an important step in eliminating waste. Efficient processes are synonymous with competitiveness in the market, and going paperless results in significant savings in terms of time and resources. A company that can manage all its processes effectively without hard copies is taking an important step towards lean organization.

The software solutions that we offer businesses facilitate certified and fully dematerialized processes.

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Our solutions for
dematerializing processes

Improve organizational efficiency and streamline authorization processes with our signing book

With our signing book solution, you can reduce the time needed to approve applications, but that's not all. From managing orders to signing contracts, everything can be done from the control panel, with the option to access the digitalized documents remotely too, by assigning specific permissions to users.

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Simplify the management of internal and external communication thanks to PEC solutions

PEC guarantees the same legal value for a message sent electronically as a registered letter with return receipt, by certifying its content. Our PEC application software solutions for large companies mean that you can customize the way information and data flows both inside and outside the company.

Dematerialize identity and manage access with SPID and strong authentication solutions

The identification process can be dematerialised too. In addition to different levels of SPID credentials, our strong authentication solutions mean that public and private companies in all sectors of all shapes and sizes can manage identification processes, with a streamlined, digitalized approach.

Graphometric signatures: signatory identification using unique graphometric parameters

The document is signed on a graphics tablet or on a touch screen, with a system that collects unique and personal data connected to the signatory (so-called "graphometric vectors”). Graphometric signatures have the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

Overcoming the restrictions of traditional archives thanks to compliant digital storage solutions

Archiving activities come towards the end of the work involved in dematerializing processes. Our compliant digital preservation solution adapts to all types of businesses and can easily be integrated into business systems.

De Visu Online: identification by means of an audio-video session

We implement remote identification systems within the company processes, using a webcam, enabling you to verify the digital identity of a specific user by means of an audio/video recording. Our De Visu Online systems are a useful technological solution for banks, insurance companies and all businesses that need to identify their users securely and with certainty.

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