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We work with the public sector both centrally and locally. Our objectives? To help organisations on the road towards digitalisation, to enhance communication with citizens, and follow the foundations of the Digital Administration Code (CAD).

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Cloud for Public Administration

We are cloud service providers with infrastructure and ACN (Agency for National Cybersecurity) qualified services for management of standard and critical data of the Public Administration.

enhancing the transparency of public sector organisations through qualified trust services and cloud technology

Providing modern, technological services is the shared goal that unites both central and local public sector organisations as they work towards enhancing services. The technology that underpins qualified trust services is the essential starting point for this – as defined in the Digital Administration Code (CAD).

Aruba PEC and Actalis are recognised across the European community as qualified trust service providers. Our extensive experience is an additional guarantee of reliability.

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our public sector solutions

Streamline message exchanges between digital domiciles with PEC certified email flow capabilities

We offer advanced PEC certified email flow architecture for the certified exchange of emails between digital domains and centralised traffic storage (multi-account and multi-manager). Easily manage mass mailings thanks to seamless integration with third-party software and statutory PEC certified email storage systems.

Ensure document authenticity thanks to digital signature and timestamping solutions

Our digital signature systems for documents are secure and fully compliant with relevant EU regulation. They can be enhanced by certified timestamping, which is legally valid throughout Europe.

Simplify the whole billing process

It’s now compulsory for organisations to provide paperless billing options. Our paperless billing solution simplifies the management of all stages in the billing process, from generating documents to digital storage.

Make services more accessible for citizens with the SPID digital identity system

We can help organisations safely take advantage of SPID. We are the only identity provider to offer level three credentials (L3), the highest level of security required for services that process sensitive data.

AgID qualified cloud services provided in data centers certified at the highest levels

We offer private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructures hosted in data centers compliant with Rating 4 standards. This is the highest level of infrastructure quality set by ANSI/TIA 942, the benchmark of Italy’s digital agency, AgID. What’s more, we’re qualified by AgID to providecloud services to the public sector.

Consip: Email services for public authorities

Based on an agreement with Consip, we offer Italian public authorities a technologically advanced email (PEL) service tailored to their specific needs. Easy integration with existing government authority systems and the extreme reliability of our infrastructure architecture make it possible for authorities to customise our solutions and make them a benchmark for digitalisation.

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