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Design an it infrastructure based on a diversified security by design approach

Cyber security is a prerequisite in all areas of business. The most discussed aspect of IT security today, at the top of a multilayer IT system, is data protection, which is moving up the list of business priorities thanks to the European Union General Regulation (GDPR). Ensuring full data protection for customers, citizens and companies is a goal that can be achieved thanks to IT systems designed with a security by design approach.

The solutions we offer are the top layer of a complex stack, built according to a diversified view of IT. Security shapes all levels of our solutions: from the services we offer and technological infrastructure to the individual data center in question.

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Certification and compliance

Our processes, data center infrastructures and services have received numerous security-related certifications and declarations of compliance.

ISO 27001

Maximum information security

ISO/IEC 27035

Managing security incidents and events

ISO/IEC 27017

Cloud security controls

ISO/IEC 27018

Managing personal data on the Cloud

our it security
and data protection solutions

Managing threats in real time with advanced malware protection systems

Assessing levels of vulnerability to cyber attacks, defining risk priorities and continuous monitoring to identify any threats. Our malware detection systems work to prevent attacks on email and computer systems in general thanks to specialist staff who work 24/7/365.

IDPS: Anti-intrusion detection and prevention systems

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS) capable of boosting IT security. Constant traffic and system activity monitoring tools to identify and block the running of any unexpected code.

Redundancy, prevention and planning with geographic disaster recovery

Our European network of data centers means we can design and implement replicated geographic disaster recovery solutions. Ultra-redundant interconnection between infrastructures throughout the country ensures fast backup management. The entire process is monitored 24/7/365 by specialist staff at each data center.

Secure access to web services: SSL Server certificates that comply with the CAB's Baseline Requirements

Via our Certification Authority Actalis, we issue SSL Server certificates to enable SSL/TSL protocols on websites or other exposed network services. Our SSL Server certificates are supported by all the main browsers and on all major client platforms.

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