Cloud solutions to reduce TCO

We help companies reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their IT infrastructure with cloud solutions that help to optimise costs and accelerate the Return on Investment (ROI).

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The initial cost of an IT product is just the first investment a company has to make. On top of this come all the direct and indirect costs for the entire life cycle of the solution, including services related to simple day-to-day management, occasional maintenance, integration with company systems, and general technical consultancy.

For this reason, the design phase for each IT solution must consider all the different factors associated with the company's individual technological ecosystem. We offer companies our cloud and data center infrastructures and consolidated experience in the IT sector when it comes to planning and implementing solutions designed to strike the right balance between TCO and ROI.

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our solutions for reducing tco

Efficiency and flexibility with cloud computing

Cloud computing solutions deliver cost efficiency by reducing the required initial investment. They shift IT budgets towards operating expenses, giving businesses the ability to reduce costs during periods when the operating load is lower.

Virtual data centers with the private cloud

Private cloud platforms cut the costs associated with managing an on-premises data center. Companies get access to unlimited configurations, a 100% guarantee of resources, and the possibility of interconnection and integration with external elements – all through either Aruba Data Centers or at their company headquarters.

Maximum control with the hyper-converged dedicated cloud

Availability of a dedicated infrastructure within Aruba Data Centers. Capacity to upgrade to resource blocks with full control over operational management, all with the highest level of customisation guaranteed.

Integration between physical and virtual environments with the hybrid cloud

Integrate cloud infrastructures in Aruba Data Centers with physical hardware at your headquarters via dedicated hybrid links. This lets you manage your company's IT infrastructure in a fully integrated way while controlling costs.

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