IT Solutions for Production and Manufacturing

We help manufacturing businesses with their digital transformation thanks to infrastructure and software solutions that can boost operational efficiency.

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Industry 4.0 comes from digital production environments

Starting the journey towards digital production is the first step towards the industry 4.0 era. The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) offers new systems to make the production process more efficient and boost supply chain effectiveness.

We offer data center extension solutions that allow companies to optimise the way they manage workloads. Security levels can be raised using advanced industrial control systems (ICS), thanks to customized software solutions designed and developed in-house.

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Our solutions
for production and manufacturing

Use hybrid infrastructure to manage workloads with flexibility and scalability

We combine the benefits of physical and virtual environments monitored and managed within our data centers with on-premises corporate infrastructures. It is possible to balance workloads in real time by applying the principles of data center extension.

Certify production with PKI public key encryption systems

We can implement the Certification Authority (CA) within organizations so that companies can use public key encryption systems based on certificates. We can supply both the technological infrastructure and the service.

Manage large volumes of data with ease thanks to our storage solutions

Our custom storage solutions allow you to handle large volumes of data completely securely, thanks to architecture redundancy and the availability of multiple access protocols. The high performance of the reading and writing phase means that the data can be used quickly and easily, making it possible to meet the needs of industry 4.0.

Customize your infrastructure to the max thanks to our dedicated Cloud solution

Design and create customized dedicated Cloud infrastructures tailored to your company's needs. The extensive customization options and low costs for virtual machines guarantee to meet every need.

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