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We support companies when it comes to identity management and administration for customers and employees, to achieve a more streamlined and more secure organization.

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Identity governance as the cornerstone of cybersecurity and digital transformation

The ability to identify access to digital tools and virtual environments is an operational requirement that unites all areas of business. Using the umbrella of cybersecurity to collect and manage all the rules governing how an organization operates, smooths the way to becoming a digital enterprise.

We offer digital devices and software solutions that offer multiple levels of authentication, which can be easily integrated with different corporate applications. Our strong authentication systems, with the option of choosing dynamic code solutions (one time password), also mean that you can identify each individual operation performed.

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management and access technology

Effective identity and access management thanks to IDaaS Cloud systems

Our solutions for identity and access management provided as a service mean that companies from all sectors and of all different sizes can rationalize and regulate the internal use of application tools. Access is granted according to roles via a secure and exclusively dedicated portal.

Centralized access management with Single Sign-On enabled authentication technologies

We offer authentication technologies that mean that you can implement Single Sign-On solutions. By defining different access profiles, you can manage your organization centrally and offer a single authentication procedure allowing you to access multiple systems or IT resources.

Unique identification of every single task performed thanks to strong authentication

Strong authentication is based on the use of multiple individual authentication methods, both static and dynamic. This means it is possible to uniquely and traceably identify not only the author of the operation, but also the individual operation completed.

Complete autonomy in the use of digital certificates with the dedicated CA solution

In addition to using our Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) as-a-service, we are able to design and implement Certification Authorities (CAs) for public bodies, companies and individuals. With dedicated CAs you can manage private authentication certificates yourself.
Aruba Spid ID

Manage authentication profiles on different levels totally securely with spid credentials

The SPID (Public Digital Identity System) demonstrates Italian excellence in the field of authentication and digital identity management systems. With the SPID, public authorities and companies can securely manage access to online services and take an important step towards digital transformation.

We were the first identity provider accredited with AgID to offer level three credentials within the SPID service, which represents the highest level of security for companies and citizens.

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