Design and managed services

A full range of services for managing IT infrastructure. From design to evolution. From reporting to all monitoring and control activities. Customized support for actual customer needs, entrusted to a Managed Services Provider with over 20 years experience in providing IT services.

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Customized infrastructure management based on monitoring, prevention and action

Managing complex solutions is possible. For customers who choose to activate a customized data center based on their company requirements, they can now delegate the management to Aruba.

Entrusting these services to a Managed Services Provider, means the customer can dedicate their resources to their core business, optimizing costs for IT services. Aruba Enterprise is a trusted partner with a single objective: generate value for customers.

A specialized, itil compliant managed services provider to handle complex it systems


Delegation and control

Managed Services designed for delegating management activities to a service provider, that still guarantee the customer ongoing control of the service.

Market-leading products

Advanced, innovative tools supporting the provision of infrastructure management services, compliance and security and management of respective reference vendors.

Simplifying complexity

An organizational asset that adheres to the ITIL framework proposed model for simple management of IT services and all their elements: processes and technology, company organizations, individuals, partners and suppliers.

Customizable and scalable

Services that can be adapted to individual requirements and cover a range of environments, with full management or on demand activities, from monitoring to performance optimization, from prevention to resolution.


A wide range of innovative technological platforms, such as containers and microservices, to manage the entire lifespan from a single MSP. These can be either Aruba Enterprise products or other reference architectures on the market.

Integrating technology partners

Managing and coordinating partners integrated with the technical structure, to provide highly verticalized services even on technology outside their field of expertise.

delegate infrastructure management to an msp to focus on your core business


Security and compliance

Fully adherent with best practices, operating model and ITIL framework: complete specialized departments ready to identify and respond to advanced threats to resources and data.

Know-how and specialized skills

High level technical expertise grounded in ongoing training, the highest security best practices, regulation compliance and a progressive consultancy approach.

Cost control

Full cost control thanks to a transparent pricing model, for significant improvements in operational efficiency and flexibility.

Service continuity

Production of an extensive range of periodical reports on infrastructural capacity, state of health of the service and contractual SLAs. For continuous monitoring and maintenance.

Single, certified point of contact

A single Managed Services Provider to manage IT systems, together with all the multi-brand technology contained in them, more efficiently.

24/7 availability

Service provided 24 hours a day, in Italian and English. All activities are traced using processes and tools, measured and subject to contractual SLAs.

data center design and infrastructure migration: a proactive msp on multiple levels, from design to management of it architecture


Infrastructure design

We are an MSP with over 20 years experience in providing IT services, providing technical consultancy for the design of technology infrastructure. Our IT architecture experts take care of drafting projects, working together with the company or, when required, independently. Alternatively, they can take care of daily infrastructure management and plan technical work on a number of levels.

Incident response and prevention

The Service Desk represents our point of contact with the customer, guaranteeing a support service which responds promptly by managing incidents and reported failures and implementing firmware and patches directly. These are required to keep hardware devices and software solutions up to date in terms of security, by means of regularly scheduled intervention.

Monitoring and security

Monitoring of equipment and system resources enables prioritization of events, evaluates their seriousness and urgency and launches recovery mechanisms. This is all possible thanks to a security system that performs vulnerability evaluations and penetration tests and regularly analyzes reports on the status of the technology in use.

Analysis and data collection

The service of collecting technical and management logs can also be extended to verification of the data. Qualified experts use innovative filtering and data correlation tools to carry out in depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses in the infrastructure, identifying in advance signs of anomalies in the system.

Compliance and health checks

Regular controls and various assessment activities establish whether or not the infrastructure meets the required standards of reliability, performance, capability and security, producing reports detailing the actions and checks performed. For continual verification of the state of health.

Professional services on demand

A series of additional professional services can be activated on demand to cover various specialized areas, from Business Analysis and Development, to Project and Service Management. A highly qualified team of professionals will take on the task and clarify the highly complex nature of IT technology.


Managed Services

Professional management that adds value to your IT infrastructure...

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