Professional bodies

We offer professional bodies and associations digital tools that help them to simplify administrative procedures.

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software solutions to boost efficiency by speeding up and simplifying processes

Professional bodies and associations constantly need to share information between multiple stakeholders. Managing these information flows can be significantly simplified with our digital ID, signature and domicile software solutions.

We offer customised solutions to fit the needs of all kinds of associations, and support them in their journey to going paperless.

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solutions designed for professional bodies and associations

Save time and money with advanced PEC certified email

Send mass mails and communicate easily with all your members using our PEC certified email management software. It's easy to integrate with both third-party software and PEC certified email legal storage solutions.

Easily authenticate professionals around the country thanks to signature and CNS solutions

We provide hardware and software tools for signing electronic documents (digital signature solutions) and secure authentication for professionals (CNS, national service card). Choose from a wide range of one-time password tokens and devices to suit your organisation’s requirements.

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