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Case Studies

We support companies with our Data Center, Cloud and Trust Service solutions. Here are some of the projects we have worked on.

Metropolitan City of Milan

Custom email solutions that stand out for their high reliability and security.

Ministry of Education

Aruba Enterprise for the Ministry of Education: advanced Email (PEL) and Certified Email (PEC) services, furthering the digitization of PA processes.

Metropolitan City of Catania

The Metropolitan City of Catania turns to Aruba Enterprise's advanced solutions to digitize internal procedures: from standard email services to PEC certified email solutions, from SSL Certificates to CDRL Partners.

Sanmarco Informatica

From Trust Services to the Private Cloud, a comprehensive suite of advanced solutions for digitization.

01sistemi and italian caf
(tax advice centers)

Graphometric AdESs and Remote Digital Signatures helping digitize Italian CAF processes: this is the project of Aruba Enterprise and FirmaSPID, the brand new innovation company from 01Sistemi.

Salt Edge

Actalis S.p.A. for Salt Edge Inc: QWAC and QSEAL certificates for identification when communicating with bank channels, under PSD2.


Trust processes and Remote Signature solutions to simplify and innovate Administrative Procedures for the Puglia Region.


Managing processes digitally with advanced Trust Service solutions

Banca Ifis

Dematerializing the processes involved in collecting and managing repayment plans.

Italian National Council of Engineers (Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri - CNI)

Advanced PEC Certified Email and Digital Signature Solutions: Aruba Enterprise for the National Council of Engineers.

Axios Italia

From Remote Digital and Graphometric Signatures to the Cloud for a Digital School.


Dematerializing document flows, digital signatures and PEC certified emails for a paper-free public administration.

Veneto region

Digital Living Wills with a Graphometric Signature.

Lombardy region

Compliant Digital Storage Solutions for Public Health.

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