Solutions for process compliance

We supply companies with software tools to manage processes and planning in compliance with requirements, minimizing the risks to the IT infrastructure.

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Resilient it infrastructures and appropriate software systems to achieve compliance

Making sure that processes comply with regulations requires multi-dimensional IT risk management both for infrastructures and applications. In addition to the general security measures envisaged by IT security, digital technologies support process management, from technologies to manage digital identities
(identity and access management), qualified signatures and, more generally, for dematerializing processes.

We offer companies appropriate solutions to implement security for data processing systems and services, with a view to ensuring data protection. Our innovative software solutions mean that we can manage customer and employee access to digital tools in a way that is secure and certified and uniquely identify all individual digital transactions.

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our solutions for regulatory
compliance for processes

Compliant electronic practices with digital signature and timestamping solutions

With our qualified digital signature solution, the identity (or authorship) of the signatory is guaranteed by fully eIDAS compliant digital certificates. Applying TSA qualified timestamps also means that you can associate a definite and legally valid time with an electronic document.

The exchange of email messages is certified thanks to PEC Flow

You can now protect your documentary assets and legally validate correspondence thanks to a solution specifically designed for the centralized management of companies' PEC accounts. The PEC Flow software guarantees efficiency, control and integration within company workflows.

Protection against unauthorized access with Identity as a Service technologies

We develop customized Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solutions that mean you can guarantee access to IT tools efficiently and securely. Strong authentication systems, that mean you can uniquely identify every single operation, represent the technology behind the managed solution.

Adaptation to budgetary regulations with electronic billing cycles

Our electronic billing solutions mean you can meet your legal obligations at every stage of the billing process, from generating bills to storage for tax purposes, as well as complying with the requirements of the 2018 Budget Act.

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