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A comprehensive range of electronic and digital signature products to streamline your business processes. Our products comply with eIDAS regulation, which guarantees acceptance and validity throughout Europe.

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electronic and digital signatures: at the heart of digital transformation

We provide a wide range of electronic and digital signature products to simplify companies’ decision-making and administrative processes. What’s more, different authentication methods present additional options which can be selected according to business requirements.

Furthermore, thanks to timestamping, the legal validity of your electronic documents can be guaranteed if they are signed in accordance with relevant national and community legislation.

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Cloud Signing Book

A web-based as-a-service solution for managing company authorization processes digitally...

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our electronic and digital signature products

Digital signatures: The electronic equivalent of a handwritten hard copy signature

Thanks to a cryptographic encryption system with asymmetric keys (one public and one private), our solution enables organisations to create legally binding digital signatures – guaranteed by a dual verification system using smart cards and USB tokens.

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Mass automatic digital signatures: Simplyy manage a large quantity of signatures

The use of HSM (hardware security module) technology makes it easy to manage processes that require a large number of signatures per second. What’s more, simple interfaces (API) allow the software to digitally sign multiple documents simultaneously, avoiding the need to for signatories to sign each document individually.

Timestamps: A certified, legally valid date and time for electronic documents

By attaching a timestamp to electronic documents, you can link them to a specific date and time, as well as guaranteeing their enduring legal validity. This complies with Italian national legislation (Prime Ministerial Decree of 22 February 2013, Determinazione AgID no. 147/2019) and European legislation (Regulation (EU) no. 910/2014 of 23 July 2013 – eIDAS).

Graphometric signatures: Signatory identification using unique graphometric parameters

Sign documents on a graphics tablet or touch screen, with a system that collects unique and personal data linked to the signatory (graphometric vectors). Graphometric signatures are a subset of advanced electronic signatures – as defined in CAD – with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

Advanced electronic signatures (AES) with OTP: Unique signature identification with OSS technology

This highly secure solution is based on a one time password, uniquely linked to the signature transaction and on X.509 digital certificates. This system allows you to meet the legal and IT requirements needed to implement a simple electronic signature or advanced electronic signature process.

De Visu Online: Issuing remote signature certificates

With the De Visu Online platform, it’s easy to remotely obtain digital signatures. Using the platform, the individual requesting the signature can be identified remotely, without requiring the operator and the user to be in the same physical location.

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Remote digital signatures: Simple integration with corporate systems with the ARSS server component

Sign documents remotely using a private key based on a hardware security module. The remote digital signature function can be integrated with organisations’ internal document management systems thanks to the ARSS (Aruba Remote Signing Service) server component.

Certificate management system (CMS): Completely autonomous digital signatures

Our certificate management system (CMS) offers a software tool that lets businesses provide certified services like automatic remote Signatures and national service cards (CNS) completely autonomously.

Cloud Signing Book: Signature processes in a handy portal

A web-based as-a-service solution for managing all of a company's authorization processes digitally, wherever you are. The Cloud Signing Book offers access via login details (username and password) or single sign-on. The solution allows you to assign different access profiles (administrator, editor, signatory) to users, using signature workflows defined and configured in the platform, with the option to integrate with Compliant Digital Storage software.

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