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Our Cloud goes beyond a virtual infrastructure: it's a vision of IT based on flexibility and customization that allows us to offer services to meet every need.

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CSP Qualificato Tipo C

Cloud for the PA

We are Cloud Service Providers for the public administration with IaaS and SaaS  services qualified by AgID and available in the Cloud Marketplace.

Cloud infrastructure services at different management levels

We offer data center environment of the highest control and security caliber, providing the ideal technological ecosystem in which to design and create Cloud infrastructures. We are IaaS suppliers qualified by AgID to provide Cloud services to the public administration.

We offer our extensive IT experience to act as a qualified partner for businesses in any sector, however big or small, in selecting the type of service and approach to Cloud computing that best meets specific needs.


Private Cloud: What is it?

An IaaS that allows you to manage virtual data centers using a VMware NSX platform....

Our cloud infrastructure services

MultiCloud Link: where Aruba Cloud and public cloud environments meet

MultiCloud Link lets you connect Private Cloud and Dedicated Cloud infrastructure totally securely and redundantly to a number of public cloud environments. A router/firewall device installed on the data center side instigates a BGP session with the virtual equivalent on the cloud provider side. The connection established allows you to define network routing, manage workloads efficiently distributed across public cloud, achieve fast and secure interaction between your applications in Aruba and applications certified in hyperscalers, and replicate data from public cloud for DRaaS, backup, data sovereignty and protection purposes.

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Aruba Private Cloud: all the dynamism of a Virtual Data Center with 100% guaranteed resources

Our Private Cloud is an IaaS service that lets you create a Virtual Data Center (VDC) with virtual servers, firewalls and networks. All resources are for the exclusive use of the customer and can be adapted in real time through the virtualization platform VMware vCloud Director based on VMware vSphere.

Hyper Converged Cloud: total control that only a dedicated infrastructure can guarantee

A flexible approach to a dedicated and managed infrastructure. Growth is linear, simplified and based on packages of resources that can be made available in real-time. Management by our personal data center can be provided at different levels, from VMware virtualization software to total outsourcing.

Hybrid Cloud: the connection between physical and virtual instances, beyond the public Cloud infrastructure

Our Hybrid Cloud technologies simplify and streamline the integration between physical instances and the Cloud, making it possible to push the boundaries of the public Cloud infrastructure. The possibility of interconnecting our Private Cloud service with physical hardware in the same data center through level 2 network connections means that we can even delegate aspects of infrastructure management to our specialised personnel.

Cloud Storage: performance and security of physical storage with the flexibility of the Cloud

With the Cloud Object Storage and Unified Storage service, available in block, file and object mode, you can manage large quantities of data easily and reliably. The technology behind the service automatically replicates objects, files and blocks uploaded to the system and distributes them on separate independent storage devices, thus ensuring maximum reliability and security.

Dedicated Cloud: customizing infrastructure at the highest level

A dedicated Cloud infrastructure to make the most of all the advantages in terms of control and customization, as well as reducing costs and optimization for virtual machines in large infrastructures. Our Cloud architects will take care of the design and construction of the infrastructure, based on the company's specific needs.

Analytics as a service to complete the digital transformation with SAP

The implementation of SAP HANA on an IaaS infrastructure allows the development of ERP business process management solutions and the analysis of large amounts of data. Our IaaS service for SAP HANA with SAP certified hardware lets you install and manage HANA environments with the BYOL (Bring Your Own License) option.

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