IT Solutions for Telecommunications and Media

In the age of sharing multimedia content, we help providers of telecommunication services and the media by offering flexible, innovative IT infrastructure solutions.

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Immediate response times in delivery of multimedia content

The technology needed to broadcast data over IP and IT infrastructures is of strategic importance for the production of digital multimedia content for all companies in the media sector. Knowing how to respond dynamically and flexibly to variable bandwidth requirements has become a necessity for network and telecoms service providers.

We have established ourselves as a high-tech partner thanks to ultra-resilient data center infrastructures ensuring the flexible management of bandwidth traffic with minimum latency. The availability of Cloud services that can easily be integrated into hybrid infrastructures with customized projects enables us to guarantee optimum content distribution and improve the customer experience.

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Our solutions for telecommunications and media

Virtually unlimited resources with Cloud infrastructure solutions for live streaming

We design and implement flexible, scalable infrastructures that allow you to manage resources for a variable number of users to enjoy streamed content. With Cloud streaming infrastructures, you can distribute videos and multimedia content both by broadcasting and by targeting, via the company intranet for example.

Boost coverage in Italy with the support of our network of data centers

From our data centers, we provide carrier neutral interconnection services thanks to connections along Italy's main backbones. The activation of a Milan Internet Exchange (MIX) point of presence (POP) and a double dark fiber infrastructure at the Bergamo data center (IT3), facilitate the exchange of traffic and peering with national and international operators.

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