Compliant digital preservation

A centralized digital preservation system capable of managing and preserving any type of document, administrative or fiscal, in compliance with regulations. A single solution for all legal digital preservation requirements that any business may face.

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The solution that guarantees the accessibility, integrity and authenticity of your documents

Aruba's Compliant Digital Preservation service respects all new technical requirements and legal regulations, in accordance with AgID Guidelines on the composition, management and preservation of electronic documents of 1st January 2022.

Multichannel management of submission systems, fast implementation of procedures and monitoring of all phases, guarantees maximum accuracy and organization in preserving and search for documents.

Automated processes allow the unique indexing and quality control of documents and files, facilitating more precise management of data.

digital preservation in line with technical requirements and regulatory standards


Flexible integration

Architecture suitable for easy "scaling" and designed to manage the processing of large volumes of data. Easily integrated with customers' third party solutions.

Secure data management

An eIDAS accredited Trust Service Provider, proprietary infrastructure certified to the highest standards and data centers located in Europe protect from service disruption and attempted intrusions.

Legal value over time

Guarantee of the immutability of documents in compliance with AgID Guidelines on the composition, management and preservation of electronic documents of 1st January 2022.

User-friendly web application

The service provides the tools for managing your business, with a variety of specific features according to the type of account and permissions assigned to each user.

A comprehensive electronic document management solution


Dematerializing processes

Respects the most stringent document management requirements, especially with regard to complex business areas such as Health and Public Sectors

Fully outsourced

A trusted external partner means quality, rapid start up times, more resources for your core business and cost savings

Guaranteed quality

Improved document flows, optimization of resources and accessibility of documents with more precise management of data

Long term protection

Protection of digital archives against damage, loss or destruction to safeguard and value memory

Uninterrupted availability

Solution based on modular design with externally located application components for increased service reliability

Constant monitoring

Immediate adaptation to regulatory standards, checks on integrity of documents, controlled access to data, documents and information.

Premium archive solutions to meet all business needs: from the most simple to the most complex


A Premium Account to manage the service for multiple companies (Archive accounts) with shared storage and document classes. Works via online proxy and web service with the option to configure additional users with specific permissions.


Service for an individual company for connection exclusively to the Premium Account to manage the service via proxy. Does not include storage or document classes: these are shared from the Premium Account.
Compliant Digital Preservation requires the Premium+Archive package, that can be configured in a few simple steps, with no external assistance required.

use cases

the ideal service for system integrators,
businesses, holding companies and complex organizations

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