Compliant digital storage

Our enterprise-compliant digital storage allows us to manage electronic documents for companies in any sector with any business model thanks to our extensive customization options.

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Tailored dematerialization for a paperless company

Compliant digital storage is a legal/electronic procedure regulated by Italian law, permitting the guarantee of legal validity of an electronic document over time.

Our digital storage products are designed to be easily integrated within complex corporate organizations. Extensive customization options make it possible to design tailor-made dematerialization processes.

Our compliant digital storage products

Administrative storage: simple integration with operating systems and management on behalf of third parties

To facilitate the straightforward, practical management of the dematerialization process within a company's systems, our digital storage product designed for administrative data can be easily integrated with the operating systems of organizations in the financial, industrial or service sector. The ability to protect data transmitted with encryption systems offers an additional level of system security. Flexibility and customization options permit companies to manage documentation both for themselves and on behalf of third parties.

Storage of medical and health data: practical management of all clinical documents

Our compliant digital storage product for healthcare companies is designed to offer practical, secure management for such diverse data as found in documents generated by public and private organizations in the medical sector. A typical example of the kind of documents handled by the compliant digital storage system for medical and health data is radiology data, subdivided into images and reports, although storage of any kind of document is possible (laboratory analysis reports, clinical files, discharge forms, cardiology documents, emergency treatment reports, etc.).

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