IT Solutions for the Health and Pharmaceutical Sector

Cloud technologies and digital processes to help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies in making progress towards digital transformation.

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Digital solutions helping businesses grow

The Internet and web-based technologies represent an extraordinary opportunity for improvement and growth for public health. Evolutionary research in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals continues, as does gradual technological transformation. Against this backdrop, the practical value of solutions that dematerialize processes and the flexibility of Cloud infrastructures help healthcare operators effectively tackle ever more demanding requirements.

We work alongside outstanding Italian and international companies, designing and offering tailor-made software and Cloud solutions.

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Our solutions for
healthcare and pharmaceutical companies

Speed and efficiency in managing health records with digital storage

Compliant storage of health records is more practical and more secure thanks to our technology. Many institutions, including the Veneto Region, have adopted our services.

Unlimited processing resources for research activities with Cloud and data center solutions

The Cloud and data center technologies that we are able to offer allow companies in the medical and pharmaceutical sector to develop data management, mass storage and high-speed network solutions, the technological foundations of research.

Maximum reliability for data management thanks to the IaaS infrastructure for SAP HANA

Large volumes of sensitive data can be managed easily using SAP applications. Such a solution can be hosted on our Cloud infrastructure, equipped with SAP-certified hardware.

Paperless management of records and procedures with digital signature solutions

Authorization procedures for health record management and business processes in general can be carried out quickly and securely. Procedures can be speeded up and streamlined with digital signature solutions.

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