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We protect data exchanges within enterprise websites and ensure the integrity of corporate software through certified code, application and server products.

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Providing online services for private companies and public bodies requires businesses to certify the origin of data in order to establish an active dialogue with users.

Through our Certification Authority, Actalis, we offer SSL Server and S/MIME certificates for emails, as well as Code Signing certificates to provide guarantees directly on the software component code.

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Reliability, security and compliance with Actalis

Actalis, a member of the Aruba Group since March 2009, designs, implements and manages services and solutions relating to trust services. A Certified PEC Manager and Certification Authority accredited by the AgID, it provides products and services for business users. Actalis is the only internationally recognised Italian CA able to issue SSL Server certificates.
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SSL Server certificates: Access to web services in accordance with the CAB's Baseline Requirements

Through our Actalis Certification Authority, we issue SSL Server certificates to enable SSL/TSL protocols on websites or other exposed network services, in accordance with the current version of the Baseline Requirements defined by the CAB Forum ( Our SSL Server certificates are supported by all the main browsers on all major client platforms.

Certificates for S/MIME e-mail: Message encryption to ensure security for the sender and the recipient

Our S/MIME certificates allow the delivery of signed and/or encrypted messages guaranteeing the identity of the sender and, for encrypted messages, the confidentiality of the message. This means users can verify that the sender is authentic and that the message has not been modified after being sent. The certificates that we issue are compatible with all S/MIME-compliant email applications.

Code Signing: Security for digital signatures applied to software components

Guaranteeing the identity of the individual who has produced a certain code, or the integrity and absence of modifications to the code itself, is an increasingly necessary security measure for organisations that need to avoid the risk of malware infections. Our Code Signing certificate allows you to certify the authorship of a code and sign a wide range of executable software components.
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