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We believe that email and collaboration solutions should be precision-tailored to each company.

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Cloud for Public Administration

We are cloud service providers with infrastructure and ACN (Agency for National Cybersecurity) qualified services for management of standard and critical data of the Public Administration.

Accessibility, integration and security thanks to cloud-based email solutions

Digital transformation has made access and ease of use fundamental requirements for all technological collaboration tools. Ensuring access from any geographical location and/or device is a basic necessity for a company's email system and collaboration tools. Data protection and integration with existing IT systems are also fundamental considerations.

With our data center infrastructure, we can guarantee the sovereignty of all data stored in Italy. Our email solutions guarantee that access to email systems is always encrypted, and therefore secure. Compatibility with the main email clients, calendar functions, video conferencing systems and document sharing features means that we can offer a comprehensive set of collaboration tools.

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Make collaborative work more efficient (and flexible) with groupware in the cloud

Our cloud-hosted groupware solutions enable users to streamline work processes with centralised email management, video conferencing, calendars, address books, to-do lists and progress reports. The scalability guaranteed by the cloud offers further customisation possibilities, as well as integration with virtualised products, such as storage, backup and disaster recovery.

Share dynamic work environments with the guarantee that your data stays in Italy and replicated metroclusters remain secure

Our email solutions and advanced work tools are hosted at our Italian data centers – but are accessible and usable anywhere at minimal latency levels. In addition to full data sovereignty, we offer guaranteed resilience and infrastructure quality, compliant with ANSI/TIA 942 Rating 4 standards. Thanks to the metrocluster system with asynchronous replication, all data is copied in real time to a second storage device at a different data center.
Email personalizzate per le Pubbliche Amministrazioni

Customised email solutions for all Italian public authorities

Our email (PEL) services have been chosen by Consip to serve all Italian public authorities, whether large or small, at a reasonable price. What’s more, easy integration with existing public sector systems and the impressive reliability of our infrastructure architecture make it easy to develop customised projects.

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