Big data solutions

We facilitate database management and enterprise resource planning activities by supporting each company through the digitalisation process.

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achieve a competitive advantage thanks to big data analytics

Data analytics is playing an increasingly strategic role for all businesses. We provide IT solutions to facilitate the management of databases and their workloads in terms of IT infrastructure, and thus contribute to the success of businesses in all sectors, regardless of their size.

Our cloud infrastructure can count on the reliability of SAP certified hardware and host the best SAP data management application solutions on which to install HANA environments.

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our data analysis solutions

Data processing in a private cloud environment

Tailor-made computing capabilities for processing corporate data by making the most of private cloud infrastructure.

Cloud computing solutions for analytics

Our means we can design and create virtual server systems and balance your loads, creating a synergy between cloud computing and big data analytics.

Enterprise data storage

With cloud storage solutions for businesses, you can push the boundaries of physical hardware and manage impressive amounts of data storage.

Cloud infrastructure for SAP HANA

We’ve created the ideal environment for developing ERP solutions by combining the reliability of hardware certified in the official SAP matrix with the flexibility of cloud infrastructure.

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