Solutions for Business Continuity

In a world that is always connected, we provide ultra-resilient IT systems to manage business continuity for companies in any circumstances.

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Redundant infrastructure and disaster recovery processes to minimize risks

Operational continuity for IT systems is a priority for businesses in any sector. The continuity of all operational processes and business depends on it every day. Security means having a tailor-made business continuity plan to minimize the risks of unexpected interruptions to operational processes.

With our network of data centers, across Italy and Europe, we create geographic disaster recovery solutions, managed by specialized technical staff, and plan immediate responses to meet all needs.

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Our Business Continuity solutions

Data protection with dedicated storage

Installation, configuration and 24/7/265 monitoring for hardware equipment dedicated to backup solutions with the option of installation at your premises or in our data centers.

Proactive infrastructure monitoring

Monitoring services available at various levels of outsourcing: from direct management from the Cloud control panel, to total reliance on our specialist data center staff.

Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

Disaster Recovery infrastructure designed to customer requirements, made possible by the geographical position of Aruba data centers. Also available as a service (DRaaS).

Infrastructure planning and management

IT infrastructure planning by the solution architect team. The Network Operation Center (NOC) technical staff work 24/7/365 to manage every aspect of the IT infrastructure.

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