IT Solutions for Energy and Utilities

We are committed to securing a sustainable future for energy and utilities companies by designing and implementing IT infrastructures based on green data centers and 100% paperless software solutions.

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Demand for increasingly advanced (and greener) services

For energy and utilities companies, embracing technological transformation processes whilst striving to be green is becoming not only a strategic requirement but an absolute necessity. Adapting to the latest technology and guaranteeing the supply of renewable energy are just the first step towards customer satisfaction.

With software solutions such as digital signatures, electronic billing and compliant digital storage, we allow energy and service providers to manage paper processes such as invoices and bills totally paper-free. When it comes to IT infrastructures, our environmentally-friendly network of data centers offer managed private, dedicated and hybrid Cloud solutions, as well as pure colocation and connectivity services.

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Our solutions for energy and utilities

100% paperless customer management with digital signature, timestamping, PEC certified email and storage solutions

We offer customized solutions that allow you to make the entire customer life cycle is paper-free:
  • managing contracts with digital signatures and timestamps;
  • sending bills electronically;
  • compliant electronic storage practices.

A secure, environmentally-friendly IT infrastructure thanks to our network of green data centers

Our customized data center infrastructure solutions are hosted within an eco-friendly network. As well as offering the benefits of reliability and security, guaranteed by ANSI/TIA Rating 4 standards, we also boast high energy efficiency and purchase energy exclusively from renewable sources.

Flexible management of all user data with big data Cloud solutions

Serving large numbers of customers, with personal usage data, demands the management of a large quantity of information. Our solutions for big data analytics, based on Cloud technologies, are characterized by being highly flexible and customizable.

Machine to machine identification of bases with complete security thanks to IoT certification

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies mean that we can aggregate in individual bases all the data relating to different peripheral devices, regardless of the type of service offered. We offer dedicated and customized SSL services, recognizing the importance of certificates as the basis for communication between devices.

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