Data protection and compliance

Thanks to the security of our data centers, we can offer data protection services essential to implementing the most advanced business continuity procedures and taking an important step towards compliance.

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Adopt technical and organizational measures for data security thanks to our services

We have a range of data protection services that allow you to immediately reduce the risks involved in processing personal data. Whatever sector you are in, this is a crucial objective for achieving GDPR compliance.

Our virtualized Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery services, together with dedicated appliance-based backup infrastructure, offer practical technical measures to boost IT infrastructure security.

Our data protection services

DRaaS: a simple, secure disaster recovery service for private Cloud infrastructures

DRaaS stands for Disaster Recovery as a Service, and is a service that lets you create replicas of VMware infrastructure either on-premises (within the customer's data center), or on Aruba's Private Cloud. The solution, based on Zerto technology, minimizes the Recovery Point Object (RPO), carries out live tests on the secondary site, and allows you to put the disaster recovery platform into production siwftly.
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Bare Metal Backup: the flexibility of a backup with the granularity of an individual virtual machine

Veeam's backup technology is integrated with the reliability of VMware virtualization. Cloud Bare Metal Backup is a service that lets you carry out backups within your own private Cloud infrastructure, with the granularity of an individual virtual machine. The remote image and close collaboration with the virtualization hypervisor avoids the need to install backup agents on the individual virtual machines you want to protect.

Cloud Backup and Dedicated Backup: tailor-made virtual or appliance-based data protection services

We offer backup services delivered on either physical or Cloud-based infrastructures. Cloud Backup offers a multi-platform self-service backup service to run scheduled backups of entire systems with high granularity and flexibility. The Dedicated Backup service offers maximum customization and control over your infrastructure.

SSL Server Certificates: the key to achieving maximum security for online transactions

Our SSL Server certificates enable SSL/TSL protocols to be activated on websites or other exposed network services and thereby achieve adequate security and recognition of the service provider. The processes for accurate identity verification of the customer and the domain owner make this the ideal type of certificate for secure online transactions.
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