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Our leadership in the PEC market has led us to develop application products designed to facilitate and optimize the management of virtual addresses for complex organizations.

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Application tools to innovate virtual addresses

The need to be accessible to customers and citizens through PEC (certified mail) creates an opportunity to make the most of all the advantages associated with the business digitalization process.

With over 8 million active PEC accounts, we have worked hard to offer companies useful application tools for managing their virtual address easily, efficiently and safely.

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Our pec and virtual address products

PEC Enterprise: the reliability of PEC integrated into corporate processes

Our PEC Enterprise products and services provide not only a certified email tool capable of meeting even the most demanding requirements, but also allow you to integrate functions with your businesses processes. Thanks to fully customizable interfaces it is possible to create and manage – with multiple users - an unlimited number of PEC mailboxes, even on certified domains, as well as to develop customized solutions for the mass distribution of PEC messages.
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Mass PEC: the best way to manage the process of sending out mass certified messages

Mass PEC is a useful tool for everyone in the public and private sector who needs to send messages with the legal validity of a registered letter with a return receipt to a large number of recipients. The service is provided thanks to a dedicated infrastructure tailored to specific performance needs.

PEC Flow: manage, organize and orchestrate process workflows that use PEC

PEC Flow is the software that we have designed to define authorization rules and processes to track access to PEC messages for named users and forward PEC certificates to recipients within the managed PEC group. The ability to integrate with third-party software and other products in our suite makes PEC Flow a comprehensive solution.

PEC Supervisor control panel: a control panel for all the company's PEC accounts

Thanks to the PEC Supervisor control panel, you can control and manage a large number of PEC accounts, mark messages as read, view unread messages, the space used or other details for an individual account. You can also delete or add PEC accounts by entering an owner's details or sending an invitation to the owner.

PEC Domain Certification: customize unlimited certified domains

With our PEC Domain Certification product you can indicate exactly which certified domain PEC messages should go through. You can certify any third-level domain extension as a PEC domain by using the format pec.domainname.tld, or a second-level domain, for a PEC account with the address [email protected]

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