IT Solutions for the Retail Sector

We work with large retailers striving for increasingly innovative and customer-focused business models.

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An innovative customer experience thanks to cloud technologies and software solutions

The retail sector is undergoing a massive transformation. Integration with the online market is just the first step in remaining competitive, while developing artificial intelligence and big data analytics systems are essential for those who want to excel. IT infrastructure security is crucial to achieving total protection for customer data.

With our Cloud technology, we develop customized solutions to achieve adequate computational performance and manage the workloads demanded by the customer experience in retail 4.0. The software solutions that we develop enable us to offer systems designed to dematerialize organizational processes, which is key in streamlining the supply chain.

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Our solutions for the retail sector

Speed up warehouse procedures thanks to digital signature and timestamping solutions

Managing the processes involved in storing goods, from purchase orders to managing dispatches, can be streamlined and simplified by making the procedure paper-free. The synergy between digital signatures and timestamping helps speed up authorization processes.

Flexible logistics and sales thanks to hybrid, scalable infrastructures

Our Cloud technologies and data centers mean that we can build IT infrastructures capable of meeting computing needs quickly and flexibly. The scalability of our architecture permit the rapid implementation of e-commerce and m-commerce solutions.

Create a retail analysis engine thanks to Cloud infrastructures for SAP applications

The big data analytics solutions that we are able to offer mean that you can analyze point-of-sale data for the purposes of cost management thanks to the design and creation of Cloud infrastructures in which SAP environments can be installed.

Dematerialize the entire billing process, from issuing invoices to compliant digital storage

Fulfilling the legal obligations of the 2018 budget act is easy with our electronic billing solution. The software offers extensive customization options and is easy to integrate with ERP management applications.

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