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We offer service providers data center solutions that boast the highest quality infrastructure and advanced application solutions.

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Cloud for Public Administration

We are cloud service providers with infrastructure and ACN (Agency for National Cybersecurity) qualified services for management of standard and critical data of the Public Administration.

our solutions help launch your best-in-class services

When it comes to services, market competitiveness is everything. Speed, performance and flexibility are essential characteristics that service providers can no longer do without. The ability to rely on the highest quality infrastructure and reliable software solutions is essential.

Our data centers, compliant with the highest levels of security and resilience (ANSI/TIA Rating 4 standards), represent the ideal benchmark for service providers, up to and including hyperscale cloud providers. In addition to infrastructures, our advanced application solutions are based on extensive experience acquired in the field of trust services.

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Vodafone Business

Vodafone Business, an international provider of telecommunication and IT services, works in partnership with us to supply infrastructure and application services to business customers.

our solutions for service providers

Custom-made data center infrastructures, with the possibility to include tailored disaster recovery plans

Our modular data center solutions boast unparalleled flexibility. What’s more, having our own ultra-redundant network of data centers, interconnected to each other and externally, means we can implement custom disaster recovery plans for business continuity.

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