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Cloud and security services integrated with secure-by-design solutions

Robust security is critical for businesses making the move to cloud. That's why it is so important to work with IT partners whose services guarantee scalability, interoperability, efficiency, service continuity and cost savings.

Cybersecure Cloud, the solution delivered by a partnership between Aruba and Leonardo, to create a complete path towards a secure Cloud solution based on an all-European supply chain, was created to meet this need.


Cyber secure cloud

Aruba and Leonardo in partnership to offer a high-performance cloud with cyber security services...

Cloud and cybersecurity, for digitization

When investing in digital technology, companies are starting to regard...

customized solutions from a partnership between two of Italy’s finest.

Aruba and Leonardo, leading providers of Cloud and Cyber Security services, have joined forces and combined their expertise to become the new national benchmark for the secure digitization of large companies, Public Administrations, critical and national cyber infrastructures, industry and defense.

The partnership between these two prestigious companies is built on an all-Italian supply chain, facilitating the development and production of customized solutions on Secure-by-Design platforms, guaranteeing information and system security.

Cybersecure cloud products and services

Aruba's cloud services

Virtual Private Cloud: virtualized resources in VMware Cloud infrastructure

Virtual Private Cloud is an IaaS solution for creating Virtual Data Centers (VDCs) with servers, firewalls and virtual networks. The reliability of a VMware Cloud infrastructure enables you to intuitively design and create fully scalable complex virtual architectures yourself.

Dedicated Cloud: the scalability of Cloud meets the reliability of a dedicated infrastructure

Dedicated Cloud is an IaaS solution with fully dedicated components, perfect for designing and implementing software and hardware solutions based on customer needs. The service can be operated from Aruba Data Centers or, if you prefer to use your own company infrastructure, as an on-premises solution.

Recovery Zone for incident response: space in the cloud for system recovery

Recovery Zone is an Infrastructure as a Service solution that provides customers with Cloud space so they can quickly restore compromised critical systems and services in the event of a security incident. Aruba's technological infrastructure thereby offers customers a recovery environment, vital for business continuity, enhanced by Leonardo's Cyber Security services.

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Leonardo's Cyber Security services

Cyber Security & Consulting: specialist support for managing cyber risks

Cyber Security & Consulting to help organizations maintain high levels of cyber security by defining a framework for cyber risk management, risk assessment, certification and compliance with standards and regulations, and specialist support for crisis management.

Managed Cyber Security Services: outsourcing threat protection management

Managed Cyber Security Services are designed to offer customers all the operational components they need to maintain a high level of protection against cyber threats. This way, the management of cyber security is outsourced, lightening the burden on the organization's in-house IT department.

Cyber Design & Build: designing data protection platforms

Cyber Design & Build is a service that helps customers define, plan and implement infrastructures and platforms to guarantee the highest level of information and system protection. This service gives organizations the opportunity to benefit from Leonardo's experience right from the infrastructure design phase.

Digital Services: application development for a secure digital transformation

Digital Services for the development of Secure-by-Design applications are designed to help complex organizations address the digitization of core processes, infrastructures and applications, securely. Leonardo's application security experts will support the company every step of the way.

the benefits of cybersecure cloud

High-performance, Secure-by-Design Cloud solutions

High-performance, Secure-by-Design Cloud solutions

High-performance Cloud solutions integrated with consultancy services for cyber resilience, managed security systems for demanding reliability and performance requirements, specialist support for secure migration to the Cloud, infrastructure and application management and managed security services.

Fast deployment times and management services

Fast deployment times and management services

Cybersecure Cloud services offer extremely fast deployment times to meet even the most urgent technological needs. The ability to rely on management services to make sure that system availability and performance meet the most stringent business continuity targets.

Monitoring and governance for technological systems

Monitoring and governance for technological systems

Continuous monitoring of customer infrastructure security systems 24/7, cyber risk assessment and the implementation of governance and crisis management processes help guarantee an immediate response to any security incidents.

Recovery space for business continuity

Recovery space for business continuity

Operational and business continuity also require Cloud space, which is essential for guaranteeing service recovery if critical systems go down. Cybersecure Cloud offers customers who ask for this space a further guarantee that they can rely on Aruba's data center infrastructure.

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