Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for 3CiME Technology

A partnership based on shared values.

The Company

3CiME Technology is an IT consultancy firm, based in Bologna, specializing in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, IT Security, IP telephony and Cloud Services.

The whole business is firmly grounded on clear principles, which form the basis of efficient and long-lasting relationships with their customers, helping them to be innovative and manage change, whilst keeping a close eye on issues such as sustainability, respect and contributing to a better society for all.

The requirements

Cloud technology alone was not enough to enable 3CiME Technology to perfect a fully developed proposal for its customers along company principles.

Lack of clarity in the offers on the market made it difficult to provide transparent economic proposals and to design new services in line with transparency commitments agreed with customers.

The Solution

In Aruba Enterprise, 3CiME found both a single provider for all their collocation and private cloud requirements and a genuine partner with shared values. The direct relationship established between their teams formed the basis of efficient cooperation both in problem solving and planning new opportunities.

Choosing a data center in Italy proved to be an ideal way to avoid any current or future data residency issues, as well as enabling the development of new services which otherwise would have been difficult or even impossible to implement.

3CiME Technology can now finally concentrate its efforts on expanding its range of services in the knowledge that it is combining technological excellence with respect for its mission and the values it aspires to.

"Our customers always tell us that working with us means dealing with people, not just speaking to a call center. This is the same experience that we ourselves have with Aruba Enterprise. Having a direct relationship is the only way to establish a partnership which proactively works to solve problems and plan new opportunities.” Giuseppe Mazzoli, CEO, 3CiME Technology srl

The Benefits

Switching to Aruba Enterprise was the impetus needed for 3CiME Technology to develop its business effectively. "Information technology these days has become a sort of "ticket" for our customers to acquire specific services without having to worry about technical aspects and implementation, as they would have done a few years ago", Mazzoli points out."We can see this from the fact that customers now prefer paying a fee rather than committing to a purchase: this is a move from capital expenditure to operating cost, with all that this implies. With this in mind, it is critical that we can count on a provider who guarantees transparency, helping us not just to resolve problems, but also working with us in the project analysis phase to devise new opportunities."

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