Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for AK Informatica

Making an impact in the esports sector.

The company

AK Informatica is a dynamic, young company that has managed to establish an enviable position in the eSports market both in Italy and abroad, by tackling the competitive gaming market with a 360-degree strategy starting with technological foundations – essential in an industry that is famous for pushing the boundaries of both hardware and software – and going on to embrace infinite commercial marketing opportunities by shrewdly managing the narrative and entertainment aspects of the events that it organises, both live and online.

The requirements

The events of 2020-2021 have accelerated the digital transformation for many sectors, and eSports is certainly no exception. On the contrary, lockdowns have boosted the appeal of competitive online gaming among enthusiasts, offering incredible growth opportunities to specialized operators: however, this has meant that activities have needed to be reorganized based on a virtual cloud-based model. Not an easy task, considering the traditional gulf between the characteristics of the cloud and the specific needs of the hardware and processes required to support high-level gaming.

The solution


The decision to work with Aruba Enterprise has turned the possibility of a collaborative dialogue with the cloud provider into a reality. This is essential for adapting the technology to the needs of eSports, a sector in which stringent requirements exist which are imposed by the gaming aspect itself – a fluid experience and a level playing field for all demand absolute perfection – in addition to further requirements related to managing entertainment for a worldwide audience: the basis for the different marketing and communication strategies that feed this industry.


The availability of certified servers based in the same country also makes it possible to comply with Italian regulations on competitions for prizes, while the green-by-design characteristics of Aruba data centers make AK Informatica the perfect intermediary for the many different partners working within the framework of official environmental sustainability standards.

Future developments

The path to growth for AK Group in a booming market like eSports is without a doubt based on the notion of centralization on the cloud for the activities inherent in gaming and broadcasting: "We will continue with our research and development, working with Aruba Enterprise as well as with other partners, in order to adapt technology to the specific nature of this sector or work on innovations, as required.

Not forgetting the broader developments of our eSports model, such as the possibility of broadcasting live streams complete with audience interaction and integration with international e-tailers to eliminate the gap between an impulse and an actual purchase," sums up Alessio Cicolari.

"For geographical reasons we work with different cloud providers on different continents, but it is only with Aruba Enterprise that we have had the opportunity to see the data center, meet the people who work there, make direct comparisons of the technological solutions to be used for our particular needs and establish a real relationship. As well as this, speed and optimization are crucial for organizing tasks and, with Aruba Enterprise services, we have finally found them." Alessio Cicolari, founder of AK Informatica and AK Group

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