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Aruba Enterprise for Clinica Mobile

The private cloud for clinical data available on an app.
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The Company

Clinica Mobile is a mobile medical center that uses cutting-edge technology. Set up by Dr. Claudio Costa, it has been providing medical care and emergency aid at MotoGP and Superbike World Championships for more than 40 years.

The famous clinic on wheels, well-known among motorcyclists around the world and recognized by the International Motorcycle Federation, consists of a mobile hospital housed in a truck specifically kitted out with state-of-the-art medical equipment for medical procedures, physiotherapy, thermotherapy, diagnostic imaging and laser therapy and represents the benchmark for healthcare facilities in the motorcycle racing world.


Clinica Mobile's unique strength is that it can respond in real time to the physical condition of all patients – from riders to assistants, mechanics, sponsors, partners and anyone who may be in the paddocks – who might need medical assistance during races, when they are at risk of accidents such as falls or in conditions with varying degrees of severity that require medical monitoring.

Coupled with this is the unavoidable requirement for the clinic to be totally mobile: it has to intervene in all sorts of locations, including outside Europe, in areas that may present serious connectivity issues.

In order to be ready for action, a solution was needed to make sure that they would:
  • have unhampered access to medical records, available in any geographical location
  • guarantee access to a comprehensive picture of the clinical data for each patient: surgery undergone, critical issues, previous diagnoses, history of document records

Only under these conditions is Clinica Mobile able to provide the health, physical and psychological support needed in the paddock, by employing all the equipment and documentation available.

The solution

The solution provided to Clinica Mobile provides a base for the full, accurate monitoring of patient diagnoses during races. More specifically, the web application "Faster Than Your Bike" has been developed, hosted on a Private Cloud solution, capable of guaranteeing Cloud computing resources for Clinica Mobile's exclusive use: the service makes it possible to create real Virtual Data Centers (VDC) and the resources can be adapted in real time, with data stored using maximum security thanks to redundant and replicated storage.

As a result, Clinica Mobile can provide the expertise of its staff who can develop real-time diagnoses and strategies and make valuable decisions to optimize an athlete's recovery, identifying the most efficient treatment in record time. Similarly, thanks to the services of the Cloud infrastructure, which has been developed to guarantee 360-degree continuous operation, the doctors on the ground have full control of medical records with the aim of guaranteeing medical care anywhere in the world.

The benefits

The Cloud essentially offers two kinds of benefits compared with an on-premises server, responding to two challenges, one logistical and the other medical:

in this case, the solution provided makes it possible to sync data, bypassing any critical junction, and restore functions and monitoring;
thanks to the web app, there is also no need for complex installations on owned servers.

More generally speaking, all the work carried out involves scientific studies and analyses that are useful for research, and in practical terms, corresponds to information that can be made available, for example, to manufacturers of equipment, such as back protectors and airbags to be used in races.

In this way, technology offers significant progress, making it possible to use predictive data from the results of this research and these analyses, vital for the safety of the entire motorcycling world.

“Whether the paddock is in Finland or Malaysia, the traditional hospital for riders continues to face enormous challenges around the world. The Private Cloud is the solution that gives doctors on the ground full control of medical records, to improve athletes' lives, as well as to carry out research for the benefit of the motorcycling industry”. Dott. Zasa, Clinica Mobile's Medical Director

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