Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Duferco Energia

The future of mobility passes through Aruba data centers

The company

Innovation and sustainability are the central values of Duferco Energia SpA, a company specializing in energy trading and production from renewable sources. In addition to pioneering work in the photovoltaic field and in increasing efficiency and energy redevelopment, the company is also recognized as a major operator in e-mobility, boasting its own network of charging points for electric vehicles: a rapidly expanding sector requiring a proactive approach to its commercial and technological demands.

The requirements

Security, performance and sustainability are fundamental for Duferco Energia’s e-mobility work; in addition to guaranteeing business continuity for the customer, it needs to provide a reliable and flexible IT environment in which to test and implement solutions capable of meeting the demands of such a rapid evolution. For this reason, in 2020, the company embarked on a path of transferring its own systems from the facilities in their Genoa offices to a new data center with expansion potential, evaluating new solutions such as the cloud at the same time.

The solution

The migration, which was completed in just one night, also provided an opportunity to launch a completely new application solution, thereby making advancements in systems as well. In terms of hardware, the project was chosen as the right moment to switch to a modern, full-flash storage environment, bringing with it
improvements in performance, consumption and volumes.

The flexibility of the new data center, which is also destined to house other of Duferco Energia’s systems, not related to e-mobility, means that new technological avenues towards the cloud can easily be considered.

"Innovation remains firmly blocked if one stays fixed in an on-premises environment. Migrating to an Aruba data center and benefiting from the experience of a partner like Aruba Enterprise, has marked a turning point for our business, providing us with an infrastructure ready to face the challenges ahead in this rapidly evolving area and allowing us to consider a potential migration to a hybrid cloud model, without having to redesign our current environment from scratch." Luca Seravalli, Head of IT systems at Duferco Energia.

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