Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for EliData

An ad hoc colocation project for the financial software industry.

The company

Founded in February 1999, EliData has built up 20 years of experience in the creation of interconnection systems to the international financial markets of some Italian and European banking groups.

The company specializes in developing trading and order routing applications for the financial markets, transaction reporting systems and data exchange solutions between front office and back office systems.

EliData designs and develops highly advanced solutions, offering its customers comprehensive knowledge of a dynamic and constantly changing environment, technical and functional support for their specific needs and the possibility of having proximity hosting services and customizing each solution thanks to a tailor-made approach.

The requirements

The main requirement for EliData is to be able to offer a service with the highest levels of quality and reliability based on a fully updated structure and able to optimize processes, improve customer experience and performance with the aim of always achieving optimum time-to-market.

The priority is to offer a high level of reliability and scalability, adopting an approach to security that guarantees the sturdiness of the infrastructure, both in terms of hardware and software for the kind of environment in which EliData operates - one that is increasingly subject to control and obligations in terms of financial transparency.

The Solution

It was with this goal in mind that a partnership was forged with Aruba's Enterprise team, an effective partner that can guarantee high levels of performance and cutting-edge technology that really make its data center network stand out and, more specifically the data rooms from which the services are provided.

In particular, in order to respond to this requirement, a tailor-made colocation project was developed and launched, fully customized with the technologies and services available, which meet the highest standards and offer maximum connectivity and a secure and reliable network connection.

Thanks to the physical and technical characteristics of Aruba Data Centers and compliance certificates – including ANSI/TIA 942 – it is in fact possible to guarantee EliData the highest standards in terms of quality and resilience.

The benefits

The benefits of adopting a solution based on a highly resilient infrastructure at certified data centers compared to an on-premise solution, include greater security, as well as more flexibility and a higher level of reliability – all of which are vital in a dynamic, constantly evolving environment like the financial sector. Indeed, precisely because of this environment, with the increase of MiFID II, Emir and SFTR regulatory obligations, more and more specific checks on data and financial transparency are required, and it is therefore necessary to provide services that are delivered in full compliance with national regulations.

Relying on the facilities that are part of the network of Aruba Data Centers means that EliData can achieve the goal that they share with their customers, namely to offer increasingly innovative, competitive solutions that comply with existing standards.

Future developments

EliData aspires to become a market leader when it comes to SaaS solutions for the financial community. Banor Sim is the first customer to choose GRS - Global Reporting System - EliData's cloud service solution for regulatory compliance, and working with an IT company with over 20 years' experience and proprietary Rating 4 compliant data centers forms the foundations of taking this one step further in the future.
"SaaS solutions are recommended for critical and growing businesses. The benefits of a colocation solution based at cutting-edge data centers like Aruba's, compared with an on-premise solution, range from the high level of performance and reliability to the presence of the latest hardware and software infrastructure and guaranteed SLAs to suit the critical nature of trading systems." Marco Connizzoli - MD of EliData

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