Case Study

Aruba Enterprise and Furaco IT working together for the Municipality of Clusone

Cloud infrastructure for the public sector and desktop virtualization (VDI)for smart, hybrid working.

The Company

Furaco IT Managing & Consulting is an IT consulting company, based in Milan, specializing in cutting-edge technological solutions. Providing advanced IT services since 2004, Furaco strives to provide its business customers with the most innovative IT solutions available. The Furaco team combines experience in management and IT consulting, working with a commitment to training, sharing, quality and trust. Furaco aims to offer its customers the simplest and most efficient IT systems possible, by developing and integrating customized technology solutions. With its own cloud platform, Furaco Cloud Platform (FCP), Furaco IT is able to design and provide its own services, gaining experience and expertise in implementing customized cloud solutions for its customers. To achieve this, they have chosen to use Aruba Cloud IaaS for its Cloud Platform.

The requirements

Commissioned by the Municipality of Clusone (BG), a Public Administration customer, as system integrator and IT infrastructure manager, Furaco IT has worked to find the best solution to meet its customer’s requirements.

The Municipality of Clusone chose a Cloud IaaS solution provider to completely overhaul its IT infrastructure, in line with government policy for Public Administration throughout Italy to adopt a Cloud-first strategy, as supported by AgID.

The solution

In light of the strict ICT minimum security requirements established for the Public Administration (MMS-PA), Furaco IT selected Aruba for this project, acting as an ACN qualified Cloud Service Provider for Cloud PA, certified provider of outsourced cloud services for the Public Administration.

Working together with the Aruba Enterprise team, they created a hybrid Cloud project which includes private cloud and colocation solutions with integrated Backup services. Offering full scalability and customization options, the solution enables Furaco IT to implement any future projects and applications in a virtual environment and offer them to its own customers.

The benefits

Primarily, the guarantee of an IT infrastructure based in an AgID qualified Cloud environment, hosted in an Aruba Data Center compliant with Rating 4 standards, has enabled Furaco IT to offer its PA customer a highly reliable valuable proposition and IT solution.

Another benefit, from an IT point of view, has been the possibility to use scalable Cloud architecture which can be perfectly integrated with Furaco’s IT systems. What’s more, use of the vCloud Director platform enabled immediate integration and customization, fundamental requirements in IT management.

More specifically, all users in the Municipality of Clusone have been given access to a series of operations and processes, through a qualified Cloud PA, while Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) services have been installed to optimize both IT security and simplicity of endpoint management.
The combination of Aruba’s certification as Cloud Service Provider qualified to provide Cloud IaaS to the PA, with the customization and scalability options of the design proposal offered by Furaco IT as system integrator, enabled them to devise and plan a full solution for the provision of an IaaS, the migration and maintenance of a Cloud solution, custom-built for the Municipality of Clusone. The two IT companies have effectively integrated their certifications, accreditations and services.

Future plans

The excellent results achieved by the collaboration between Furaco IT and Aruba Enterprise represent a model that can be replicated for future demands from Public Authorities or private customers: the combined approach of both companies and the Cloud PA model applied guarantee the highest data security standards, respect government compliance requirements and use custom design capabilities, which can be applied to all types of business.

“Adopting the Cloud-first project with Furaco IT and Aruba Enterprise has given the Municipality a highly reliable IT infrastructure, compliant with current IT security regulations.
The technological innovations introduced, together with the possibility of virtual desktops, has significantly improved the operational efficiency of our users.”

Massimo Morstabilini - Sindaco Comune di Clusone

“Both the sales team and specialist support staff of Aruba Enterprise have proven to be fully available throughout all phases of the design process. We can also attest to the high standards of technical support for partners and strict adherence to the terms of the SLA. Thanks to Aruba Cloud PA, we have been able to develop our services and offer them to our target market of private companies and public authorities. "

Mattia Trussardi - Founder e Direttore Tecnico di Furaco IT

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