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Aruba Enterprise for Kibernetes

Working together to help public sector organisations with IT modernisation.

The company

Certified supplier to public administration departments, Gruppo Kibernetes has been helping all kinds of organizations modernize their activities for more than 40 years, combining technological development, general regulatory requirements and the specific needs of each individual client.

A comprehensive suite of constantly expanding solutions helps boost the efficiency and productivity of public offices, improve the service delivered to the public and achieve lasting savings. One of the country's major players in this field, Gruppo Kibernetes develops tools and processes for more than 1,000 clients, making a real impact on society.

The requirements

Committed to redesigning its software portfolio to move towards a SaaS model, Gruppo Kibernetes has taken advantage of the opportunity offered by technological developments to go one step further than merely responding to regulatory requirements in order to provide its clients with increasingly evolved tools capable of enhancing existing data and processes in order to create new services and new value for public administration and the public. However, to facilitate the gradual move away from traditional licensed software to a cloud service model, they needed to find a supplier that could guarantee the right infrastructure at every step along the way.

The solution

Starting with the first servers deployed in the public cloud, within a few years Gruppo Kibernetes needed to expand the infrastructure deployed within Aruba Enterprise in order to better support the release of new products and services in line with constantly increasing requirements in terms of quality and quantity. The transition to Aruba Enterprise's private cloud was followed by the creation of a hybrid infrastructure, which was also adopted to meet all the requirements of internal business operations.

This move soon proved to be decisive when it came to responding to the pandemic, allowing clients to relocate their processes, ensuring continuity at a time when that has never been more critical. The cloud model overcame this challenge so successfully that the infrastructure was developed further, in collaboration with Aruba Enterprise, to make it even more suitable for current requirements and prepare it for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

" The world of public administration is packed with specific requirements and characteristics that vary from one organization to the next: that's why it is vital that partners are flexible. In Aruba Enterprise, we have found the perfect support for the flexibility that we need to make a difference to our clients. " Emanuele Valabrega, CTO, Kibernetes Group


The move to Aruba Enterprise's cloud has not only modernized applications, but also achieved economies of scale when it comes to client management, resulting in improvements to the quality of our services. The investment that Kibernetes has made in products and infrastructure in recent years indeed proved to be fundamental when the pandemic hit, making it possible for local authorities to carry on functioning.

"In less than 24 hours we were able to get about 300 Italian municipalities using our applications in the cloud for an average of 6,000 users on a smartworking basis," recalls Valabrega.
""This meant that public services were not interrupted at a critical time for the country, further helping the authorities, as they can now demonstrate that they have the technology required for a large number of national and European tenders."".

Future developments

Choosing Aruba Enterprise means that Kibernetes can focus on its own business, in the knowledge that it can rely on an effective partnership. As Emanuele Valabrega concludes: "Our goal is to always try to do things differently so that we can offer our clients even more, every time. That is why we need to be flexible, and so we need the partners we rely on to be just as flexible. Aruba Enterprise has proved to be a partner that can promptly respond to our needs. Even the adjustments to the infrastructure to comply with regulations are implemented almost immediately and totally independently by the same supplier: we don't need to do anything, because Aruba Enterprise understands our needs in advance".

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