Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Matchplat

Colocation and cloud: The most natural choice for artificial intelligence.

The company

Matchplat provides a platform based on artificial intelligence algorithms that automates B2B market analyses by collecting up-to-date information on more than 400 million companies around the world. Founded in Brescia in 2017, the company is now headquartered in Bergamo, whilst developing its international operations through two commercial branches in Germany and in the United Kingdom.

Matchplat entered a partnership with BPER Banca at the start of 2022, with the aim of bringing more and more Italian companies closer to market analyses, speeding up their growth in a changing economic environment.

The requirements

The speed of analysis and the breadth of data processed – from a wide range of sources - mean that the platform's AI algorithms consume a large volume of resources, demanding a proprietary infrastructure that is optimized in terms of computing power.

Matchplat also benefits from the elasticity provided by the cloud to improve the use of its services and optimise costs at the same time.

The solution

After experimenting with various solutions offered by major technology service providers, Matchplat found that Aruba Enterprise was the only operator capable of offering the right combination of proprietary infrastructure in colocation and cloud access to meet its needs.

The benefits of relying on a single supplier mean that Matchplat can optimize investments, control costs and support its R&D in line with the company's needs.

"The partnership with Aruba Enterprise has added so much value, which has meant that we have been able to structure both our business and our research and development activities in a completely flexible way. Our experience can serve as an example for all companies looking for a comprehensive, customizable solution, which can be hard to find." Andrea Gilberti, Matchplat's CEO


The combined solution created in collaboration with Aruba Enterprise gives Matchplat full control over the security and performance of its systems, as Matchplat has exclusive responsibility for the infrastructure in colocation. This means that resources can be sized as precisely and cost-effectively as possible by optimizing capital investments, as the variability associated with business performance is managed by the cloud component with one-off costs that are aligned with revenue.

The focus on sustainability as a business principle for both partners, brings further benefits.

"Aruba Enterprise is an Italian company that shares our culture and with whom we can enjoy a productive dialogue", Andrea Gilberti explains. "The flexibility of the technology it offers is unique, and we have not found it anywhere else in our experiences with global providers."
On the one hand, it is key to guaranteeing that data is always up-to-date and of high quality, the result of a proprietary approach to standardization and analysis, and on the other, it is a tool to optimize our financial margins by controlling the cost of using the cloud".

Future developments

After almost three years experimenting to find the most suitable solution in terms of technology, culture and its business model, working with Aruba Enterprise has had a twofold impact on Matchplat with significant consequences in terms of prospects: "The hybrid system that we have implemented makes it easier for us to embark on research and development projects, and in particular we have more control over business planning for greater security in the future", Andrea Gilberti concludes.

"In addition, Aruba Enterprise is a stable, flexible partner, with business models that suit our solutions, essential for the success of our development plans. Ours is a genuine partnership, which is bound to get even stronger over time".

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