Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for The Metropolitan City of Catania

The Metropolitan City of Catania turned to Aruba Enterprise's advanced solutions to digitise internal processes, going from standard email services to PEC certified email solutions, and from SSL certificates to CDRL partners.

The Organization

The Metropolitan City of Catania has around 1,108,040 inhabitants and includes the 58 municipalities of the former regional province of Catania. As a regional authority, it strives to promote strategic development for a number of local level projects, such as regional planning, roads and transport, the protection and promotion of cultural heritage and the environment, as well as training and much more. Commitment to innovation is also one of its concerns, both in the optimizing of internal working methods and processes, and in terms of digitization, including the acquisition of the necessary tools for digitizing processes and communication.


The Metropolitan City of Catania has been working with Aruba's Enterprise for many years already on the simplification and digitization of a number of processes, applying various digital solutions and services to a range of projects, according to the specific needs of the organization.

From the need to certify communication between the organization – in its role as a public administration – and citizens, as well as between the organization and other PAs, to the need to digitize certain signature processes, so that they can also be performed remotely, a number of digital solutions have been chosen, demonstrating a growing commitment to innovation.

The need to independently manage more services and operations remotely prompted the organization to consider the opportunity of becoming an organization authorized to issue Digital Signature certificates itself.

The Solution

The Metropolitan City of Catania has made the strategic choice to become a CDRL (a local Certification Authority registration center) with a view to upgrading skills and the flow of internal processes and has therefore secured authorization from the Aruba PEC Certification Authority to issue Digital Signature certificates. This means that it can now issue Digital Signature kits to its employees.


The organization has been using a number of additional digital services for many years in order to simplify and integrate internal and external processes, from Certified Email (PEC) solutions and advanced email services, through to the most recent SSL Certificates.


Notably, thanks to the CONSIP Agreement, the Metropolitan City of Catania now benefits from an email service that has been integrated with its pre-existing systems: this has permitted the use of a flexible solution with storage capacity and specific features to meet the organization's needs.

In addition to the many features – such as sending and receiving messages, scheduling appointments, managing distribution lists, calendars, global address books – the email service provided also boasts High Availability: thanks to Aruba's network of Data Centers, it has had the benefit of an infrastructure architecture designed to provide redundant data protection and confidentiality between two different Data Centers. This means that data is based at a primary site (one Data Center) and redundant at a secondary site (another Data Center), from which the email service is provided, thus maximizing the reliability of the service.

The Benefits

The use of these services has enabled the Metropolitan City of Catania to digitize most of its processes, as well as ensuring:


the traceability of documents;


improved security in terms of access – SSL technology protects sensitive data shared between two systems;


maximum data redundancy as it is located in a redundant structure between two Data Centers;


the possibility of integrating digital services into the PA's existing systems.

In addition, all services are provided by Aruba’s national Data Center network, fully compliant with European legislation.

Future plans

The whole range of services provided by the Enterprise division, based on the organization's specific needs, enables and facilitates the management of document workflows that Public Administration has to deal with on a daily basis. With this in mind, there are plans to digitize even more processes: the ongoing integration of Trust Service processes will result in even more procedures being optimized.

“Thanks to the various projects implemented with Aruba Enterprise, the integration of different digital services has helped digitize everyday processes and interaction between managers, officials and employees: this brings clear time and efficiency benefits in completing these processes.” Salvatore Corsaro - Head of Department no. 12 “Information Systems”, Metropolitan City of Catania

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