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Aruba Enterprise for Metropolitan City of Milan

Custom email solutions that stand out for their high reliability and security.

The Organization

The Metropolitan City of Milan is made up of 133 municipalities covering an area of 1,575 square kilometres.

With a resident population of more than three million, it is the third most populated area in Europe after London and Paris, with an impressive infrastructure configured as a single urban area that is getting bigger and becoming increasingly integrated. It boasts strategic expertise ranging from maintaining provincial roads and high school buildings to environmental permits to name but a few. It is in daily contact with companies, citizens, and entities and in its vision for such a large area, it has a major role in promoting services to municipalities.

The Metropolitan City of Milan is going through a major overhaul of its digital and information processes, with the goal of simplifying and innovating, making use of digital technology that is regarded as much more than a tool, offering opportunities to see the processes themselves in a totally new, more useful light.

The requirements

In 2018, the Metropolitan City of Milan began the process of migrating its data center to a cloud infrastructure. During this process, the need arose to manage the email service used in a more agile and economical way than with an on-premise solution.

At the same time, it was still necessary to ensure a high quality service, reliability and security in terms of systems.

The Solution

In order to find the most suitable answer to these needs, a working partnership was formed with the Aruba Enterprise division, a provider that has proven itself able to provide Email (PEL) with guaranteed levels of quality, reliability and security.

In particular, the solution proposed was adjusted and customized according to the specific profile of the users, taking into account characteristics and specific issues associated with the different uses of the tool and their roles. More specifically, so far the following have been implemented:

1,400 Advanced email accounts – offering 20GB of space for each mailbox;
200 Standard email accounts – offering 2G of space for each mailbox.

The benefits

The email solution adopted allows the Ministry to offer its employees an optimized email service with the highest levels of security.
More specifically:

the threat intelligence network launched means that spam filters can be constantly updated and, therefore recognize most SPAM messages and malicious content - malware, phishing, online fraud, crypto lockers, and more – so that they can be categorized and avoided;
distinct customized email profiles can be created according to the type of user, offering the organization an economic benefit, as well as the advantage of being able to use the system according to its specific needs;
the Aruba data centers have Rating 4 certification, guaranteeing maximum continuity for the email service.

The level of security is also enhanced by the same architecture on which the email service infrastructure is developed, designed with redundant data protection and confidentiality between two different Aruba data centers: this ensures maximum reliability (High Availability) for the service.

In addition to this, thanks to the implementation of Aruba's PEL services, the Metropolitan City of Milan has been able to:

  • maintain the mail domain names that were already in use: a key aspect for the institutions;
  • integrate mailbox access with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) domain authentication system.
“Having an email service with high quality standards means that the Metropolitan City of Milan can interact with our stakeholders securely and reliably, boosting the organization's reputation and streamlining communication” Dott. Pinoschi - Dott.ssa Pinoschi, Director of the Infrastructure Area, Deputy General Manager of the organization's RTD
Metropolitan City of Milan

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