Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for RCS MediaGroup

Modernizing a data center: much more than just performance

The Company

RCS MediaGroup is one of Italy’s largest editorial groups and its activities – especially newspaper publication and new media – place particularly high demands on an IT environment, which is required to be highly flexible at all times to accommodate the number and range of demands, activities and stakeholders relying on it. The IT at the heart of RCS MediaGroup is constantly under pressure with ever tighter windows for maintenance for its interwoven activities and connections which cannot function without guaranteed business continuity solutions.

The Requirements

After 10 years of service, RCS MediaGroup’s on-premises data center was in need of an upgrade to harness the benefits of simplification, performance, flexibility and reliability offered by more modern technology. Aruba Enterprise worked with the IT department at RCS to implement a modernization project which involved constructing a dedicated area, configured as an extension of the on-premises data center, within their own facility. In turn, this itself was repurposed to transform the former data center room into a disaster recovery environment.

The Solution

Aruba Enterprise’s choice of engineering a new data center based on a colocation model, has provided RCS MediaGroup with a latest generation environment, designed to withstand the challenges of the next few years, complete with qualified custom support and superior resilience and performance levels compared to those offered by an on-premises model of equivalent cost.

The transformation has led to a simplified and strengthened network with significantly consolidated physical servers. The result is a modern infrastructure provided as a service, with no individual vulnerabilities and with highly flexible connections to cope with any current or future eventuality.

"With the new data center, Aruba Enterprise provides us with both the physical component, comprising racks, power and air conditioning systems and the network environment, all as-a-service. Extended colocation has expanded our on-premises environment transparently and more cost-effectively than a cloud solution, bearing in mind that our internal business applications, such as our publishing system, do not require horizontal scaling or resizing flexibility.” Giandomenico Oldano, ICT Operations Director RCS MediaGroup

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