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Aruba Enterprise for Ricoh Italia

Ricoh Italia trusts the expertise of Aruba Enterprise to develop cloud-based solutions for its customers.

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The company

Founded in 1936, Ricoh helps businesses transform their working environments, offering solutions and services based on the concept of the Digital Workplace. Ricoh's services, which include solutions for document management, IT Services and Collaboration, can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers and different market sectors, with the goal of making processes more profitable, productive, sustainable and secure.

Ricoh's services are modular and designed to adapt to a customer's growth, helping them to manage changes triggered by the introduction of new systems every step of the way.

To help its customers as much as possible, Ricoh has developed a support network that offers extensive assistance throughout the country, at all times, ensuring rapid response times and the guarantee of reliable technology that is always on hand.


In recent years, Ricoh Italia's steady growth has, among other things, resulted in significant changes to the services that it offers, to fit in with a worldwide strategy committed to rapid expansion in the IT Services market. In order to guarantee its customers ever greater innovation and efficiency, Ricoh Italia has incorporated a range of cloud-based solutions into its portfolio. The transformation of the solutions on offer has been driven, on the one hand, by technological innovation and new customer requirements, and on the other, by the highly flexible approach which Ricoh has adopted to established itself in the market.

To incorporate cloud-based solutions into its offering, Ricoh Italia decided to put its trust in a well-established company, capable of offering innovative technologies, with high quality data centers to guarantee the compliance of the services provided.

The partnership


Thanks to its partnership with Aruba Enterprise, Ricoh Italia has been able to expand its Cloud-based services. The proposal includes standard services as well as solutions that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of businesses of all sizes.


More specifically, the portfolio of cloud solutions that Ricoh Italia offers its customers includes a wide range of services, from Cloud Backup to Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions, from Colocation to Private Cloud.


Ricoh’s ability to create tailor-made solutions enables it to develop complex infrastructures, which demand specific compliance requirements stipulated by GDPR, for example, or other specific needs.

The Benefits


Ricoh Italia's customers can enjoy all the benefits offered by a network of certified data centers located throughout Italy and Europe.

This offers guarantees in terms of data security and location, two fundamental aspects of GDPR compliance.


The new offering generates greater loyalty among Ricoh Italia's customers, who now have access to a broader portfolio of cloud-based IT services and solutions. At the same time, Ricoh Italia is able to meet even the most complex needs of large companies.


In addition, there is the importance and value of collaboration and the sharing of skills between two companies from different sectors, which have been able to pool their know-how and expertise.

When it comes to its new offering, Ricoh is maintaining a consulting approach and applying an operating model designed to make sure that any particular project is constantly being improved. Indeed, by constantly monitoring the quality of the services provided, Aruba Enterprise and Ricoh Italia keep a clear overview of potential areas for improvement, so that they can enhance optimization and efficiency, both in the solutions they offer and for their customers.

“From designing solutions to implementing the new infrastructure and ongoing monitoring: Ricoh Italia's goal is to support the transformation of businesses, thanks to a portfolio of services that can be customized to suit specific requirements. We chose Aruba Enterprise to further increase the value that we are able to bring to the market”. Alberto Giacometti, Head of IT Services Line of Business at Ricoh Italia

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