Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Sanmarco Informatica

A comprehensive suite of advanced digital solutions, including trust services and private cloud.

The company

Sanmarco Informatica is a well-established Italian company specializing in software development and consultancy services, offering support for the reorganization of corporate and professional processes by designing and implementing smart digital solutions.

Thanks to its customized approach, Sanmarco Informatica is able to provide tailor-made solutions to companies that want to manage and govern their strategies, actions and results in the best possible way, to optimize their business and create value.

The requirements

The introduction of obligations relating to electronic invoicing and digital storage, combined with the new GDPR regulations, created an opportunity to find a solution for all customers using ERP software JGalileo, the management system developed by Sanmarco Informatica to provide a solution for the coordinated management of the entire business chain.

In Aruba Enterprise, Sanmarco Informatica identified a partner that could offer a platform of solutions guaranteeing scalability, flexibility and data security thanks to the ANSI-TIA Rating 4 compliance certification of its Data Centers and the company's status as a Certification Authority. At the same time, the decision was made to equip ECM - Sanmarco Informatica's document solution - with outsourced digital storage, in light of changes made to CAD, Italy's digital administration code. The company therefore needed to follow a roadmap that included both a Cloud-based solution and a clear pathway for the development of the processes involved in the digital transformation.

The Solution

The solution put forward by Aruba Enterprise includes various service components, from mass Remote Digital Signature solutions - provided automatically so as to make them available to every customer - to compliant digital storage and Private Cloud services.

More specifically, using the solutions put forward as the basis for developing its own ad hoc platform, Sanmarco Informatica was able to create an internal solution natively integrated with Aruba's services – including Automatic Remote Signatures, Compliant Digital Storage, the Cloud, PEC Certified Email and Timestamps. Since then, the company has boasted a fully automated solution with dashboards available for the various business functions used to monitor the process of electronic invoicing and digital storage simply and immediately, guaranteeing fast, secure digitized processes.

Further integration means that Sanmarco Informatica can offer its customers a highly advanced, user-friendly document solution that can be used on-site or via the Cloud - which means that any document can be stored digitally in just a few clicks, ensuring that it cannot be changed and that it can be read in the future.

The benefits

The total flexibility of the solution and the approach offered by Aruba's Enterprise division solution gives the customer:


complete autonomy when it comes to managing the infrastructure with a logical design and also with targeted fine tuning;


cover for the increase in resources to support the growing number of customers and the success of the solution.

The initial decision to make the most of Aruba's different components natively, creating new graphic interfaces for the specific target of Sanmarco Informatica's customers, was the main strength of this solution. The benefit to customers, in particular, proved a strategic factor when it came to document management, as they were able to achieve real cost reductions and increased efficiency.

Future plans

Looking ahead, the aim is to develop a new solution that supports business processes for document signing and digital storage. This can be made possible and easier thanks to the use of advanced Trust Services solutions, such as Qualified and Graphometric Signatures, which also include the use of apps and full integration with Sanmarco Informatica's different solutions for growing Digital Transformation.

"The partnership with Aruba Enterprise was a strong point when offering the solution to our customers. Dealing extensively with international companies, thanks to the support of a trusted partner of this caliber and the skills that it provides, we have understood the levels of security and Business Continuity required and achieved important goals, fully in accordance with complex regulations". Stefano Trentin, Chartered Accountant in charge of the ECM Business Unit, Sanmarco Informatica

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