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Aruba Enterprise for Tiesse Group

A digital heart for the supply chain

The Company

Tiesse Group encompasses a portfolio of brands specializing in logistics services for vertical markets, fruit of a series of strategic acquisitions over its 20 years of operation.

The Group’s widespread network of offices and warehouses across Italy, modern fleet of vehicles constantly on the move, its international customers and partners, and strict quality and regulatory compliance standards - especially in regulated sectors such as the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry – demand high performance IT systems, available at all times, and closely aligned to the Group’s sustainability goals.

The Requirements

Any company focused on strengthening and consolidating its position within a complex and competitive marketplace, such as logistics, must prioritize the continuous, progressive modernization of its IT infrastructure.

Only by doing so can it ensure that it continues to efficiently sustain the increasing demands of business functions. For this reason, the project to transform Tiesse Group’s internal data center into a cloud-based model, starting with the hardware, was born. Existing providers were unable to propose a suitable solution, so the company’s IT team decided to look for an alternative.

The solution

Tiesse Group decided to turn to Aruba Enterprise impressed, in part, by the wealth of expertise available to the customer first-hand. Their Dedicated Cloud solution offered a hardware environment comprising high performance and cost-effective, low-consumption servers, provided as a turn-key service, in addition to handling the transparent migration of around one hundred VMs from the previous data center.

To complete the solution, they proposed a disaster recovery plan on a second, geographically distanced site. As agreed, the new data center was delivered to Tiesse Group technicians, who will manage it, ensured by an experienced and reliable partner to turn to for additional services, leaving its own team free to concentrate on working on systems and value-added improvements.

The dimensions of the infrastructure have been designed with margins to allow for growth in volumes and numbers on the system side, but we know that the door is also open to a fully transparent future expansion, supported by Aruba in facing the challenges of the inevitable evolution of technology. This is the real point of the cloud: having a partner by our side who can support us at any time, both with day to day running and when faced with unexpected developments and opportunities. Giovanni Buscarini, Business Solutions Manager Gruppo Tiesse

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