Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Arpat

Dematerialising document flows, digital signatures and PEC certified emails for a paper-free public administration.

The organization

The Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection of Tuscany (ARPAT) controls, monitors and supports all local and public authorities in Tuscany, as well as collecting, processing and distributing all of the region's environmental data.


ARPAT’s increasing awareness of the issue of IT protocols and document management brought about the decision to digitize its documents. It acquired a software system designed for this purpose and subsequently, over a period of time, introduced further dematerialization processes for document flows within the agency.

In 2009, partly for regulatory compliance, PEC and digital signature solutions were introduced, and the dematerialization process intensified through collaboration with Aruba Enterprise.

So today ARPAT is the owner of software, developed and customized in-house, and can be described to all intents and purposes as a “paper-free public authority”: all original documents are produced digitally, managed and stored compliantly, and should a hard copy be needed, the system allows it to be produced so that it conforms to the digital original, thereby maintaining the same legal validity.

There is currently a real drive in Italy towards innovation and digitization in the public administration, on the road to becoming a digital public administration. ARPAT already has a long track record of dedicating resources to this, working on projects and achieving ambitious targets.

The Solution

It is in this context that ARPAT started using a PEC certified email solution integrated into the agency's protocol and document management system and, in the following year, began to equip its staff with digital and remote digital signatures.

ARPAT opted for a partnership with Aruba Enterprise’s team of Solution Architects and Service Managers, confident of its ability to provide the complete support which the agency was looking for, from planning and designing to implementing new IT processes.

The Benefits

Since 2012 ARPAT has chosen to produce digital documents instead of hard copies, and has been using solutions such as digital signatures, remote signatures and PEC certified emails, as well as exploring specific business processes that can be optimized by using these tools. As a result, the agency produces more than 90% of documents digitally and represents a model of excellence in the world of digital innovation.

Two of the ongoing digitization projects particularly stand out:

  • digitizing test reports, the documents generated by the agency's laboratory analyses
  • using remote digital signatures, allowing the use and production of digital documents wherever users are, even outside the office

In short, the efficiency, cost-saving and organizational benefits of digitization equate to a comprehensive, real-time control of document flows and state of procedures.

“In the future, by further digitizing our document flows, we intend to reduce the time spent on and improve the efficiency of administrative and technical tasks, and thereby, most importantly, to improve environmental protection in Tuscany.” Monica Caponeri, Head of Document Management and Storage - ARPAT

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