Case Study

Aruba Enterprise for Banca Ifis

Digitising the processes involved in collecting and managing repayment plans.

The Company

The Banca IFIS Group specializes in finance. Its primary activities focus on business credit services and solutions, as well as the acquisition and management of non-performing loan portfolios. More specifically, Banca IFIS's Digital Factory defines and coordinates initiatives designed to adopt innovative digital solutions to improve customer experience, improve efficiency and reduce the volume of paper documents involved in carrying out business with the bank's clients and partners.


With a view to optimizing certain internal support processes for some of Banca IFIS's practices and transactions, the Digital Factory has highlighted the need to implement digitization projects for the collection and management processes for repayment plans in two respects:

  • dematerializing the documents managed by those involved in NPL activities ab origine;
  • digitizing the process of collecting acknowledgements of debt and deferment agreements via Call Centers.

The Solution

Aruba Enterprise, identified as a technology enabler partner for this kind of specific banking process, therefore proposed a twofold response.

A process was devised involving the use of an Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) solution using Graphometry, the Timestamp service and Compliant Digital Storage for all documents needed to manage the whole process, paper-free.
An integrated solution was designed involving tools and procedures for recording, timestamping and ensuring Compliant digital storage for audio files generated during Call Center operations.

The Benefits

Working in collaboration with the Enterprise division is part of an important strategic plan adopted by Banca IFIS designed to speed up technological innovation and digitization for specific in-house processes, whilst remaining vigilant to the security of customers' data and regulatory compliance.

From signing forms directly online (dates, signatures, etc.) with ex-ante checks, resulting in a significant reduction in the errors inherent in manual data entry, to recognizing cost savings from generating and managing hard copies, the benefits of reducing paper consumption is undeniable, representing significant reductions in costs and environmental impact.

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